• Florida’s Felonious Fornicators

    June 23, 2011 3:18 pm 230 comments
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  • Imagine yourself at the beach, having an enjoyable end to the day watching the sunset with your family. When all of a sudden horrible pornographic sounds come from near by. You look over to see that your children have front row seats to the disturbing sex acts of a Tijuana nudie bar!

    That is just what happened last Monday on Treasure Island, part of the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater region.

    On Monday it’s “white sandy beaches, pristine waters, welcoming hotels, unique restaurants and other family-friendly attractions make it the perfect destination for your next vacation” were stained by the sweet musky procreative fluids of two uncontrollable perverts. Well, actually just the beach…

    Erica Huerta, 21, and Steven Perry, 22, were charged for felony lewd and lascivious exhibition. For engaging in lewd activity on the beach that was witnessed by several Looky-Lue’s, and Voyuers as well as good christian family folk, including minors (aka CHILDREN!).

    It seems that the freaky and frisky felonious Florida fornicators who are pictured below,had been drinking at the bar Caddy’s On The Beach, before their 7 PM public exhibitionist sex show.

    As detailed by cops, Huerta “did intentionally masturbate,” exposed her genitals, engaged in oral sex, and was digitally penetrated. In fact, investigators noted, Huerta was fondled by Perry “for more than 30 minutes.”

    Perry, the affidavits note, “attempted to having sex with Huerta several times,” doing this in the “missionary position.” Additionally, “Perry then put a shirt over his head and began to give Huerta oral sex.”

    Huerta and Perry were booked into the Pinellas County jail. Perry was freed yesterday after posting $10,000 bond. Huerta remains locked up in lieu of $2500 bond.
    -The Smoking Gun

    This leaves me with two questions:
    1)He “attempted” to have sex with her? Could he not follow through with the acts worthy of biblical Sodom and Gamoreah? Or did they fornicate multiple times?
    2)Why is his bail $7,500 more than hers?
    3)Will there be another BP like beach clean up effort to make this beach once again safe for wildlife and the children?

    At least we all have learned a valuable lesson. Fornication is wrong. And if you do it before marriage you go to jail where you belong.


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