• Forgive me for I have sinned against you.

    June 1, 2011 7:23 pm 34 comments
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  • Often as Christians we get too wrapped up in hating sin and sinful things that we start to hate the sinner more then the sin. I fear that I am guilty of this.

    Everyone knows what the bible says about homosexuals. If they don’t then they should. As it is pretty Blatant. Especially in the old testament. But the new testament introduced us to a kinder more gentler God.

    Jesus loved the sinners, he hung out with them all the time. He embraced them and won them over with love. He didn’t beat them over the head with his carpenter hammer or straight rule. And that is what I fear we are doing with the homogays.

    Early this morning I read the article “http://christwire.org/2011/05/how-to-homogay-proof-your-children/”. There was a comment on that article from a lovely young girl calling herself Xena and was a 15 yr old lesbian. She Wrote:

    “So what if I’m a lesbian? I’m still a person. And this hurts. After bring shunned by family and most friends, this hurts like hell. I’m not horrible. I just like the same sex. I’m still a perfectly good, decent person. And I have feelings too. I get you all hate me just because I’m a lesbian.

    That penetrated my cold sin hating heart. I have been thinking for a while now that my comments on the homogays bothered me. I decided that I would not participate anymore in the bashing of the homogays on this website (with the exception of Cody Wing Cowboy for Christ as he is an obvious plant of the homogay cowboy agenda).
    I commented back to her:

    I feel for you Xena. You have made me decide not to speak ill of homosexuals on here anymore. Sure the bible says it is wrong, but I don’t think it is right to give more credence to arguments for hating homosexuals. You have made an old woman see the error of her ways.

    I will still fuss about other sinners, but there are plenty of other writers on here willing to gay bash.

    Now I am sure that she is one of the Trolls that we hear about all the time on christwire, liberals who come here and post comments to infuriate us. But I have still decided to watch what I say about the homogays. I am sure I may slip from time to time, and encourage the liberals on here to fuss at me.

    But I will continue to speak (write) proudly and loudly about other christian issues and matters of morality.

    This is my personal decision, I am not asking anyone to join me, I am just speaking my mind.

    Last year there was a giant increase in gay youth suicide.

    In September 2010 alone, at least six gay youth — all of whom endured a relentless stream of taunts by their classmates — ended their own lives.

    I do not wish to participate in any way to any additional torment to this group.
    I would like to direct any gay teens on christwire to the “It get’s better” project on Youtube.

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