• Free Speech: That’s Gay.

    June 26, 2011 5:50 pm 36 comments
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  • Homosexuals across the nation have gotten their satin man panties in a ruffle that people use the term “that’s gay” to describe things that are: not good, bad or lame. They have even taken millions of dollars away from their attempt to ruin American marriage and family values, to create a ad campaign to fight the the supposed problem.

    Such stars as Wanda Sykes star in these commercials, and urge people to not use that term.But they offer no alternative.
    If you are so upset that people are describing lame things as gay, then why don’t you tell us what we can use?

    These groups always tell us what we can’t do but never tell us what they can do. They only want to take away and undermine. Never do they help build, only tear down…Now that is pretty gay.

    Let us not forget that it is THEY who stole the word in the first place! Up until the 1980’s gay meant happy, NOT stick your sin stick up my butt or lick my fish salad! First you stole the word and now your mad about what has happened to it.


    So here is my challenge to you homosexuals. If you don’t want us calling things gay then steal another word, or accept one more fitting such as sodomy. Or be creative and tell us what we can say with out you all acting like a bunch of retards.

    And that is another word. Just because your inbred son that you bore while smoking crack has to wear a softball helmet to school shouldn’t mean that I can’t call people like butt pillagers retards.

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