• Gawker.com Is Being Racist, Says Blacks on “Ghana” Slap Fight Flight Not Civilized Like Americans on US Flight

    June 1, 2011 5:30 pm 21 comments
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  • Shame on liberal news rag Gawker.com for being racist and biased. How horrible is it that there are news organizations out there who will twist a story to just be racist. Today, tragedy took place on a flight from DC’s Dulles airport to Ghana, were we can see the plane was decorated in the vibrant colors of Africa.

    But this beautiful show of multiculturalism was not enough for the homosexually fueled liberal hordes of Gawker.com.  They just had to twist this story to insult the blacks and it is a true shame.  It shows that liberals are eternally devoted to their morbid Democrat fascination with making blacks, Republicans and good American Christians the outcasts to their bigotry.

    Seth Abramovitch—It all started when a passenger on a Ghana-bound United flight out of D.C.’s Dulles Airport decided to recline his seat. That pissed off the passenger behind him, leading to an exchange of heated words between the men, and the recliner being “smacked in the head.” That’s right: the very act you’ve fantasized about countless times before, but never dared actually do, because you are a civilized human being and not insane. But let’s just for a moment say that you aren’t. Have you ever wondered what might happen if you smacked your fellow passenger in the head after a massive jet takes off? Here’s what happens:

    Oh dear friends, why were our people brought in chains? In the ancient world, the libearls hounded us Christians and put us in slavery chains, whipping us because we only wanted to do what is moral and right. And now, only 145 years after Abraham Lincoln and only 48 years after Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., dared dream of a world where Christians, blacks and all other oppressed groups could stand up and be heard, we see we are all still beaten by the mighty whips of liberal bias.

    These mongers of hate, they continue to yoke us with the oppression of their words and snark. They try to latently hide their Jim Crowe bias in their article but we can just quote them and bold their iniquities. Gawker.com has long stood against America’s Christian values by supporting the homosexuals and foreign terrorists, slanting the news to make President George W. Bush and our Republican Congress of Christianity like dim-witted and inept.

    Well friends, who would you rather bunk with? Good people of faith who love their neighbors, who would never dare imply a plane full of Ghana darks were tribally violent ‘unlike us normal people?’ Or would you rather go back 200 years ago, where you could die of scurvy and dysentery aids from a drug addled Indian piper on the trail. You be the picker.

    This Gawker.com article only gets worse:

    First, a flight attendant and another passenger “jumped in between,” the Washington Post reports. Alerted to the fracas, the pilot decided to spin the Boeing 767 back to Dulles to let the authorities sort things out, rather than risking the transatlantic flight to Ghana with two volatile and potentially violent passengers.

    So what is it, Democrats? Are all blacks ‘volatile’ and ‘potentially violent passengers’. The irony is that even though blacks flock to their party, the Democrats have always stood against progress.

    Back when Abraham Lincoln freed all the slaves, it was the South — full of Democrats — who created an army and a fake government under Democrat Jefferson Davis and murdered their own countrymen just so they could have slaves.

    Did you know black slaves created Memorial Day to thank Republican Union Army member, under the leadership of Republican President Abraham Lincoln, for giving their lives in the Civil War to free them? Liberal history books leave out this fact. Slaves created Memorial Day to thank the GOP for freeing them from slavery.

    Then in the 1960s, John F. Kennedy was not status quo. He decided to make blacks equal and not seperate. You see what the liberal elite did to poor JFK and Bobby Kennedy. They buried them six feet under, because ‘Dixiecrats’ could not live in a world without Jim Crow laws and black oppression. Too bad LBJ was a Republican at heart too and so was President Nixon. Both men who asserted good compassion and law in America, things that jazzle rags like Gawker.com, TheAtlantic.com and the eternally dangerous Queerty.com hate with all their hearts and gay-supporting minds.

    Gays want all the attention today. They are jealous of blacks because they are a true minority and are destined to realize Republicans, not the Democrats, are their true friends. When this realization occurs, America will become the Christian nation of power and dominance it is meant to be.

    Black people are good people. They tend to go to church and show great support for the matriarch of the family. The left-wing media tries to make it seem like black people are all about gun violence and attacking women, when in reality, even in the heart of South Central Los Angeles in Compton and Watts and Long Beach Inglewood, that you will see beautiful families and Big Mama Ellas who raise their family with love and compassion.

    The only fault in the black community was placed on them by the savage yoke of Democrat oppression. Obamacare. Affirmative Action. Excuses. Inner-city cycle of poverty vis-a-vis ghettoes. These are all the products of Democrats, trying to keep black people in boxes and dependent, so the federal government always has excuses to have high taxes with a victim ‘dependent’ mass. Blacks serve that end for Democrats.

    Republicans dream of the day, just like Republican Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Dr. King was a Republican), that blacks rise up and become the doctors, the corporate elite, the teachers, scholars and politicians that they are meant to be. That they do not fear progress and defy anyone to say they need Obamacare or Affirmative Action, they rumble with brilliance and contempt when the government housing agents try to place them in the ghetto.

    They scream with fury when slog blogs like Gawker.com dare try to imply all blacks are violent.

    This is the America of unity. The great black melting pot. And liberals are going to be breeded out as the truth comes out more and more. The time of unity is nigh and it is the GOP that will get us there. God bless our Republican media and the people of morality in this nation.

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