• God Strikes Down Communist Hugo Chavez, In ‘Critical Condition’

    June 26, 2011 6:22 am 35 comments
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    Once again the power of prayer has been revealed after announcements from mourning Cubans that Venezuelan death dictator Hugo Chavez has been stricken down with critical condition.

    Reports indicate that he has Gay Bowel Sydrome, a disease caught by gays. It varies in severity and for Chavez, it seems to have hit him right in the pancreas. Looks like one of his Mexican boy toys had GBD!

    A homonculus tumor likely settled in there, raising the question of Castro’s love for oil and bedroom nasties. Was he also letting a woman fingle a vibrating sinshaker in her hooha and then his bowels, a sick act followed by a hot, jungle night of tropical sex and exotic release? This would explain how the egg got into his prostate region, where a homonculus was then embedded in it when a gay released in him back there and now, months later, it is a tumor in their known as Gay Bowel Disease IV classification.

    You can tell the illness is taking a toll on him. Glory!

    chavez castros crop.jpg

    Look at how his communist grandfather Fidel Castro has to keep a hold to his left arm, to keep him from fainting!  News reports from sources outside our own corroborate this glorious development and we will tell you where the celebration is when Fidel and Castro fall, a joyous day for humanity indeed.

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