• Government Can Never Be Perfect Because of the Sin of Man

    June 7, 2011 5:43 pm 4 comments
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  • Too often, in the circus of politics, it is easy to forget what is important. When sex deviant Anthony Weiner (D-NY) apologized for his transgressions, claiming that he would take “full responsibility” for his sins, we, as Christians, were called to answer the all-important questions: What is responsibility? What is sin? Can a mere mortal truly take “full responsibility” for his actions? Is it enough to say he is sorry to his fellow man? Or does true forgiveness only come through the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

    Romans 2:23
    “…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

    The story of man itself is one of sin. When the serpent tempted Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, he made an enticing offer: “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil “(Gen. 3:5). The serpent had observed Adam and Eve’s obedient, holy ways, and he offered an alternative. Instead of letting God govern them, Adam and Eve could eat from the tree of knowledge, then decide for himself what was good and what was evil.

    The immense hubris of Eve was the reason for her choice. In her blindness, she failed to realize that the garden is the ideal government, perfection beyond even Plato’s imagination, and that no human facsimile could ever hope to match it. God is good. Nothing that God knows is good could never be evil. Man is not so divine nor so blessed, and when man tries to make rules he inevitably failes.

    Time and time again, we have seen human attempts at perfection fail because humans are sinners. The Tower of Babel failed because of the inability of men to work together. Ancient Greece came to ruin because of the homogay disease. Rome failed because of the vanity of Caesar, who thought he was a God just like Eve sought fight to make herself one. He was murdered by his fellow men, Cassius and Brutus, carrying the “brotherly love” of Cain and Abel down through the years of human sin.

    In modern times, we much look at each and every member of our government–not just the sinful cocksman Weiner or the vain, gloating Obama–but all of them, from the holiest Palin down to the lowliest city councilman, and know that they are all sinners. We are all sinners. We are merely human. We must not cast the first stone, but we must also not let these government sinners, with their vanity to take office above God, cast the first stone against us.

    As government gets bigger, the power of those stone-casters grows. Jesus taught us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but what if Jesus had come in a time of true democracy? A pacifist, Jesus would never put up a fight, and he would let the tax collectors take what they took. But he would also know that every step man takes toward big government is a step away from God, so he would vote to decrease centralized power and increase personal liberty. We all have our own paths to God, and Jesus would encourage us to follow them.

    We are sinners, but we do not need the government to tell us what to do. We must rededicate ourselves every day to the teachings of Jesus. We should not accept apologies that are made to us instead of to God. And we must not give more power to those who would rule us in the place of God.

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