• Growing Up With Little Black Boy Hair

    June 18, 2011 5:56 pm 22 comments
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  • Growing up as a child in the Bronx, I had to overcome many hardships in life. My family was somewhat privileged, my father a good trial lawyer and my mother a collegiate educator. Both of my parents loved to travel, especially to Colorado for skiing. It was during a skiing trip when I was six years old that I was in a terrible accident which resulted in 14 years of reconstructive facial surgery.

    And as would be expected, all throughout school and into my adult life, people made snide remarks about my appearance. They still do. A commentator on this website named Claire, just the other day, even took it upon herself to say “I look like a donkey’s ass” and to call me very berating names. It is very hurtful to know people like this still exist in adult age, but then again, is that not the nature of liberal people.

    Growing up, I also had what my friends described as “black hair”. That is, hair that looks like fuzzy pubic hair. It is coarse and it is not uncommon to see people of North European ancestry with thicker roots, but my friends cared not for that. And growing up in elementary, it was great for ‘ol’ power chin’ to have as many friends as possible. I tolerated it.

    In today’s world, it is a sick and sad that we have to share it with liberal parents with atheist leanings. Children who grow up in liberal homes tend to be cruel and namecallers. They try to claim that they are enlightened and think it’s a great progressive thing for gays to be able to whistle at you and bend you over to their whim in a bathroom against your wish, as what every gay wants for a part of gay rights, and if anyone says otherwise they are a bigot, but then they call you ‘donkey face’ or ‘black boy hair’.

    There is nothing wrong with people with Donkey Faces. I remember growing up, one of my favorite shows was “Salute Your Shorts” and a character on the show was Donkey Lips. He put up with his persecution as well and it taught that in the face of ignorant atheist persecution of us Christians, patience is key. Even if the little namecallers do not get their just due here on Earth, they will when Satan sears their lips and fries their sooth tongues for all time in the pits of hell.

    So their time will come. Just smile and know that, my friends. At any rate, today I am a proud man. My face if beautiful and my hair represents my roots, and I am proud of them. And if it looks like black hair, I am proud of that too. All of God’s people on Earth are beautiful and those who have to make fun of facial appearance and hair are ignorant forces who keep America from its Godly Heritage and fate as a nation of peace for all people, a true representation of Christ’s message.

    Here is a film to drive this point home.


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