• Gun Rights: You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until it’s Gone.

    June 7, 2011 12:37 am 27 comments
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  • Centuries ago our holy ancestors left the cesspit of sin that was England, for an unknown land of pagan savages, bears, and starvation. Through time our forefathers slowly made their colonies into the greatest nation on Earth. Unfortunately we had a few stumbling blocks along the way. Notably the British.

    The makers of our great nation knew that the British would be back, so they gave us the right to keep guns, to maintain

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Now liberals would have you believe that the 2nd amendment applies more to the fashion choice to wear or not to wear sleeves. Every good American knows that a gun is the only way to go out into the wild and provide yourself with game, to defend yourself, to kill deadly skeets or to repulse a foriegn invasion.

    Last night I read an interesting article in this months NRA magazine “American Rifleman”. It seems that during the recent turmoil in Egypt, neighborhoods of decent Egyptian folks, were banding together to protect their selves from roaming bands of terrorists.

    On Jan 28th the police withdrew from Egyptian streets, the people were left to defend themselves from looters, liberals, and hooligans. They armed theirselves with whatever they could find. Unfortunately many had to arm up with makeshift tools and weapons as the country had already accepted restrictive licensing for gun owners. Since the government effectively shut down, law abiding citizens could not arm theirselves.

    One pistol packing Egyptian said:

    “I now carry it without a license because they are not issuing any licenses at the moment but I need to protect myself and my family…[the state is]refusing to give us the means to protect ourselves when they are actually not even protecting us.”

    The situation even turned one anti-gun liberal into a righteous gun nut! It seems that Ahmed Ozalp, a student at Princeton University was at home in Egypt at the time and later wrote in the school weekly “The Right to bear arms is not a bad idea.”

    Ozalp also wrote about how the lack of state protection prompted him and his neighbors to arm theirselves with golf clubs, baseball bats, and home made spears! As well as the few guns that they could manage to round up. He ended his story by writing:

    “I always have been amused by America’s fascination with the right to bear arms, dismissing it as national zealotry. After living through the necessity of forming a neighborhood militia, I now recognize the protection it affords.”

    Now many liberal Americans that have been spoiled by their rights they so enjoy, that was provided for them at the barrel of a gun, will say “Come on dude, your killing my buzz’ That will never happen here. Your a crazy mean old lady!” Remember Katrina? Remember the roving gangs raping, pillaging and looting? What about this supposed Zombie apocalypse that all of you hipsters seem to be so fascinated with? When the fecal matter hits the fan you will want a gun…and you’ll wish you got one when I told you to.

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