• Hair Feather Trend: It Will Turn Your Wife and Daughter into Pot Smoking, Hippie Herd-Mothers

    June 8, 2011 5:11 pm 45 comments
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  • Toker, Smoker, oh a joker

    In the 70’s and 80’s the feathered roach clip was a required fashion accessory for the pot smoking hippie-rebel. It was the older sister’s naughty secret wink. Mom had no idea the feathered do-dad really wasn’t just a 25¢ memory from the traveling carnival. A learned sniff said the toothy clip’s amber, sticky residue wasn’t from hair spray.

    At the time, the feathered roach clip was clipped on barrettes or headbands, on rear-view mirror dream catchers and added to the band of a favored floppy hat. They could be spotted at festivals, midnight showings of Rocky Horror, rearview mirrors of vans and Camaros, and on that plump Safeway checkout girl with the ‘bad’ reputation.

    Queen of Herd Mothers

    The trend can be spotted today on several celebrity spokespersons including: “Love in an Elevator” singer and American Idol judge, Stephen Tyler; Rosanne Barr; flabby-thighed, cat-squaller Ke$ha and Drew Barrymore.

    Four Horses of Doom

    Drug Paraphernalia as Fashion and Propaganda

    Today women and young girls across the nation are using fly fishing feathers, extracted from the hind quarters of euthanized chickens, added as extensions to their hair. While this all may seem a springtime lark, drug pushing coiffeurs have much more sinister purposes – to mainstream drug culture, create consumers for the Marijuana market and emasculate fly fishing sportsmen.

    One propaganda video shows two nubile, young, mixed race women frolicking on the sea shore. They are scantily clad and posing for each other before smoking a blunt and having a lesbian clam dabbling session. This is a sick attempt to glamorize the trend with exotic locales and tanned, bare skin. In the urban wild the trend is much trashier.


    Fine Featherheads – Sunset Beach from Dakota Hills on Vimeo.

    The degradation of unsuspecting women and girls that start supporting the trend of hair feathers is only the beginning. The lure is to be fashionable. The result is a tumbling bounce off the underbelly of homosexuality into the multi-colored feather-trip of hippie culture. One day these women attend church and live in neatly organized family homes. After fly feather extensions, they are breastfeeding illegitimate children while sitting atop a pot van at Bonnaroo.

    Buds of Economic Growth or Road to Communism?

    According to Cannibis Culture, the Medical Marijuana market is nearly $1.7 Billion (USD) and will grow 400% in the next four years. These projections have the musky scent of ceteris paribus. If all things remain constant, where states continue to allow Medical Marijuana to be sold legally and a market of consumers is present, the projection should hold true.

    The impact of such an economic boon is strong seasoning for hungry investors looking to invest a surplus of cash from the Bush tax cuts, but like all things – the liberals will regulate and tax these efforts to a suffocating level.

    Liberals, like all gangsters, will offer protection from the free hand of the marketplace to some producers. Should marijuana become legal in all states, the home gardener will be the criminal, with supplies tightly controlled by liberal thugs. Laws will protect the large grower and producer, leaving the small producer with high barriers to market entry.

    Once the consumer demand is created and costs are driven outside of what is affordable, these potential consumers will form co-ops and other communist bands of hippie herds – the end game objective of liberals. Hippie-herds are difficult to eradicate and expand at alarming rates, unless sources of cultural identity, such as drug paraphernalia, are strictly controlled.

    The Heterosexual Male’s Headache

    “Compared to aspirin, which people are free to purchase and use without the advice or prescription of a physician, cannabis is much safer: there are well over 1000 deaths annually from aspirin in this country alone, whereas there has never been a death anywhere from marijuana.” – Lester Greenspoon, M.D. 2011 NORML conference

    The trend is not without headaches. WONDERNUTZ25, a “Junior Hooker” on the ImHooked.com fly fishing forums Posted the following in regard to the trend.

    Re: Saddle Hackle Feathers as Hair Extensions
    Reply #7 – Mar 21st, 2011 at 4:20pm
    this is a very crazy trend and i need some white hackel we try to get away from the wemen but now we have to fight them off at the man stores

    The feathers for the roach clip fashion statement are the same used for fly fishing. Young women and their extreme couponing mothers are raiding bastions of heterosexuality – the fly and bait store – for beauty supplies. Breeders of chickens euthanized and stripped of their tail feathers are cutting off the reel men that use these feathers for fly tying. This is a crying shame, but some are walking tall against the estrogen threat.

    When asked if an email plea for some “Grizzly Saddles” (a popular feather amongst fly feather fashion-terrorists) was a ploy to make a quick buck in a supply driven market, Bill Schievink of Togen’s Fly Shop replied with the following:

    Buddy, you have no idea how pissed off I am at the breeders for cutting us guy’s (fly tying industry) off. I wouldn’t sell a saddle to the fashion industry. I’m also not the kind of guy that goes around looking to make a fast buck. You should know that our supplies are at an excellent price and we give great service to our customers. After 5 years of selling online we are very successful and plan on being here for a long time. No B.S. here we are straight up guy’s.

    If you love your country and freshly caught wild salmon, I urge a boycott of this trend. If you want your wife and daughter to start wearing long skirts, stop shaving their arm pits and permanently stain their fingers with cheetohs, by all means dish out the $80 bucks for hair fly feathers and a banana peel to slip down the slope of homosexuality, refer madness and barefoot blanket dances with a hippie drum circle. Don’t come crying to me when it happens.

    http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/outdoors/2015246435_flyfash.htmlJournalist, Sportsman Supporter = Value of Custom Field

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