• Hero Old Man Veteran Attacks Justin Bieber at Someday Perfume in New York

    June 23, 2011 8:51 pm 17 comments
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  • For years now, the threat of Justin Bieber has slowly ruined America.  Teenage pregnancy is up.  High school dropout rates are up.  We are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the terrorists will not relent.  The Chinese squint their eyes to impossible levels as they calculate ways to destroy the American dollar.  Mexicans continue to sneak into our country and a Muslim president is trying to turn us over to shariah law.

    Justin Bieber is to blame.

    From the lands of Canada, Justin Bieber is the greatest threat to working, nuclear family suburban America since Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark and his funky bunch, The Beastie Boys and Joey McEntire combined.  Bieber was recruited by the notorious Los Angeles Crisps and their gang rap leader Ludicrous to enter the white American household by the sound of music.

    Parents think this kid is all candy and soda pop, when the fact is we have repeatedly caught him

    -throwing ‘gang member’ hand symbols

    smoking addictive drugs

    teaming with Satan to fornicate our daughters

    dresses like a prowling black

    baking his tamale in a Mexican

    selling Nazi pride tshirts at the terrifying vampire cult store Hot Topic

    Parents today lack the backbone to stand up against Hollywood, so what a refreshing dose of old school salvation to see this story of an old World War II vet staggering from his nursing home to take care of one last goosestepping threat against America.


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