• Hispanic Slavery: The Simple Answer to Immigration Reform

    June 10, 2011 6:37 pm 77 comments
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  • Many states across the country are rising up to announce in near unison “We don’t want no more Mexicans, anymore.” As I have reported previously it was first the Proud state of Arizona, then some Midwestern state, Then Georgia and Now the Wondrous State of Alabama, has joined in the glorious chorus of states now singing “Take your La Coocaracha back home, and leave the fajitas”!

    Sweet Home Alabama
    Alabama may be the latest addition to the war on mexicans, but they ain’t messin’ around. Where as Georgia took the Arizona law and said “How can we make this work for us, and not be deemed unconstitutional”, Alabama looked at Arizona’s law and called them a bunch of liberal pansie wussies. Alabama took the law and made it their own, and is even more restrictive than the Arizona Law. Some of the notable provisions are:

    *people stopped for any reason could be arrested on suspicion of immigration violations
    *makes it a crime for landlords to knowingly rent to an illegal immigrant.
    *makes it a crime to transport a known illegal immigrant.
    *includes language against human smuggling
    *illegal to pick up laborers for work if doing so impedes traffic.
    *it requires all businesses to check the legal status of workers using a federal system called E-Verify
    *makes it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride.
    *requires schools to check the immigration status of their students. The law does not prohibit illegal immigrants from attending schools; but it’s purpose is to gather data on how many are enrolled and how the much the state is spending to educate them.

    Of course, Un-American advocacy groups promised to challenge the law signed by Gov. Robert Bentley on Thursday, which they call even more severe than the one in Arizona that is being challenged in court. No crap, Poco! How else are we going to get you to leave! You are not wanted here anymore GET OUT!

    Liberal communist Mary Bauer, legal director for the Southern Poverty Law Center, stated “It is clearly unconstitutional. It’s mean-spirited, racist, and we think a court will enjoin it.”

    However Governor Bentley thinks differently.”We have a real problem with illegal immigration in this country,” he said. “I campaigned for the toughest immigration laws, and I’m proud of the Legislature for working tirelessly to create the strongest immigration bill in the country.”

    It is estimated that Alabama has 120,000 illegal immigrants, an almost fivefold increase from a decade ago, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Many of them are believed to be working on farms, chicken processing plants, construction, Mexican and Chinese restaurants, and for Democratic political campaigns.

    Sen. Scott Beason,One of the legislation’s sponsors, said it would help the unemployed by preventing illegal immigrants from getting jobs in the state.

    Alabama’s unemployment rate stood at 9.3 percent in April, the most recent figure available.

    “This will put thousands of Alabamians back in the work force,” Beason said.

    A Mexican Stand Off
    So there we have it. On one side there are good god fearing Americans trying to take their nation back. On the other side are dirty Catholic Mexicans, and in the middle are liberal mexican lovers who want cheap produce at the expense of our country. Who will win? If the Mexicans and liberals have their way it certainly won’t be America.

    Or will it?

    America is at a cross roads. It is a waning super power, much like Russia in the 90’s. We must look back, back at what made us a powerful nation…the envy of the world…what made us great? SLAVERY!

    That’s right! I said it! A little old lady from Atlanta Georgia. Slavery made us great. First we enslaved the Indians but they all died, then we enslaved the
    negros, they did the work that Americans didn’t want to do. They picked our cotton in Georgia and Alabama, raised our rice in coastal South Carolina, and grew our tobacco in North Carolina and Virginia. Our nation was strong, growing, prosperous!!!

    But then Abraham Lincoln decided to destroy the South, he sent his hell spawn Sherman to burn our homes and fields and his men raped the blacks all over the land! Men, Women, Children they all fell to the depravity of the Yankees! Mulatto children were never known in the south until they came along. They destroyed the south. Many parts of the south still haven’t recovered from the ravages of ‘The War of Northern Aggression.’

    So we want them to go but they want to stay. Fine. Obviously there is only one possible solution to this. They must become our slaves. Picture it, a time of great prosperity for America, Whites and Blacks relaxing, sitting on the porch under the shade of a mighty Live Oak Tree, coming together in peace and harmony while the mexicans pick our Peanuts, Corn, Peaches, Tobacco, Beans and Squash. What a glorious day.

    I am not sure how REAL AMERICANS would be allotted their new mexican servants. I do not know if it would be a lottery, or if they some how sold theirselves, much like indentured servitude, or if you would go out to the Home Depot or Casa de Perro, and catch your own. Many things need to be ironed out.

    Praise Jesus and Praise America!

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