• How to Save Latvia

    June 15, 2011 11:15 pm 4 comments
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    Of course Latvia will be saved only by God. This wealthy country that is known all over the world for it’s achievements in the World War 2. From 1939 to 1943 it was the leading country which conquered 30% of Europe’s territory. After following war in Vietnam from 1943 to 1945 Latvian people suffered a defeat and were engulfed by atheistic Soviet Union. After revolutianary war in 1991 Latvia renewed it’s independance, but atheistic moods there still remain.

    In the last decade atheistic inclinations grew up and became more horrifying.

    Night church burning is the well-known local tradition, when bunch of idiotic, misbehaving young people firing christian churches, American nation’s shrines.

    Here is a photo of the night when St. Paul’s church was burned in the center of the city:

    The latest fashion trend in Latvia is to wear these disgusting satanic crosses on the neck, which is the main atribute of any atheist.

    Locals believe that the sense onion will help them to stay in a sensible mind state, so they worship to this smelly vegetable that is called “Sipols”. Latvians have a strange and disgusting everyday ritual of onion eating which is washed down with loads of vodka. Here is a living picture of onion god which is very popular on the Latvian internet:

    According to social survey, 20% of Latvian people are reliogious people and can’t stand these horrifying happenings in the country, other 75% are true atheists, 5% prefered not to answer to survey questions. 80% from remaining atheists are young people.

    Some horrifying photos from Latvian social networks, the dreadful demonic appeal of the native teenagers:

    It is hard to accept for believing christians that the devil has taken control of young people’s minds who’s souls will be burned in hell to eternity. That means we, Americans have to struggle for our shrines and intrude true christianic way of life to this pitiful country.

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