• Is Homosexuality to Blame for the Weinergate Scandal (Post Traumatic Gay Syndrome)

    June 15, 2011 1:41 pm 57 comments
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  • New information in the Weinergate scandal that has gripped the nation in shock and awe reveals that Congressman Anthony Weiner is not a pervert, but instead a victim of homosexuality.

    Like many adults in this nation, Weiner suffers from post-traumatic gay syndrome. It is a disease that we’re seeing more prominently now, but was not so much understood when it first emerged during Weiner’s delicate teenage years in the early 1980s.

    Emerging from the shadows around the same time as HIV and AIDS, by no coincidence, post-traumatic gay syndrome (PTGS) baffled scientists in an America that was still recovering from Jimmy Carter’s socialist, Muslim-knee bowing policy. In the early days of Reagan, Soviets and homosexual radicals were allow to wildly run amuck, kidnapping Americans in Iran and forcing good, sturdy fathers into back alley encounters of the anal kind.

    These days were dark and scary for America, with surging gas prices and confused children with no outlet to adequately describe how all of the chaotic politics and social climate was causing them to feel unsafe and molestable at the time. These kids of the 80s had to endure television regimines with heavy-handed homosexual elements: Mr. Rogers, Fraggle Rock, My Little Pony, the cleverly disguised He-man, MTV and the lesbian power show Punky Brewster.

    The songs and television of the time was just the burgeoning point for what we normal folks now understand to be the Modern Homogay Agenda. There is an agenda in America to combat the malleable minds of our children to weaken their morality and resolve, to make them soft on homosexuality and seeing it as a danger, so when they get older they will vote to allow devestating acts such as Gay Marriage and worse legal Gay Adoption. Either of which will destroy the nuclear family and sound the death knoll for America.

    Bronies: The Men Who Worship Upon the Throne of My Little Pony

    Sources close to Weiner share that as a delicate teenager, he enjoyed the show My Little Pony. Like a good segment of Americans who suffer from PTGS, Weiner was a victim of the cable television programming in the 1980s. The FCC was still young and tender in those days, with no real call from society to be held by men of standards and Christian tenacity. There was no realization that television could be used as a recruitment tool by gays.

    Shaun runs the My Little Pony fan site Equestria Daily.

    The product of such naivete is now being seen expressed in men such as Congressman Weiner.

    Though the trangression of being a supporter of wastefully socialist Democrat radical policy can be forgiven, the disease of homosexuality must be healed through months, even years, of counseling. As Congressman Weiner has now confessed, it takes counseling and a coming to terms with God within the heart to truly remove the yoke of homosexuality.

    What else could inspire grown men to do interviews with world renown news magazines, championing their love for television shows such as My Little Pony, their love extending so far down through the intestinal sphincter of decency that they’ve created a website to glorify their pink pony fixation.

    The site’s girl hued bedroom banner brags “Corrupting Girls’ Television One Pony at a Time” and this is the realization of the rugged 80s era gays. They were fecal pioneers, armed to the hilt with muskets of musty anal fantasies, ready to stake their claim on the untamed, untouched heterosexual children and families of the time.

    These initial anal explorers were furiosly rabid with their homosexuality, the flaming passion for seduction of the innocent burning in their hearts and minds every second they dallied in their little secretary and nursing jobs. These men were visually simple, but mentally devious. And it is from their salty melon-scented artistic hands that men like Weiner and our dear, confused bronies suffer.

    These men are all innocent. They are not to blame for their love of a show etched into the psyche of their innocent child. It is the parents of the 80s who are to blame for not ripping shows like My Little Pony and Golden Girls off their air.

    Look to your right. Guilt should ravage your heart if you were an adult during the 1980s and did nothing to help protect children from radical homosexual programming. In this news media from The National Enquirer, you see a panel featuring an 18-year-old Weiner. He’s but a child, a tender flower in college.

    In a time where he should just be testing his love for dating and courting women, all secondary to his course of study and becoming a prominent, emergent leader of America, we instead see Weiner has fallen down the slippery astogliding path to gay tendency. In these photos, he is dressing up like a woman and calling out to the lesbian goddesses of homosexual Wiccanality. He is doing some sort of bizarre cross-dressing routine where we see “photo of perverted politician oiled up and stripped down”.

    And even though the taut, young body of Weiner twinks all around on this photo, we must ask ourselves, “Is that really a ‘perverted politician'”?

    My friends, in our haste to chastise this man we are overlooking on fact. Weiner is not a politician in that photo. He is only 18-years-old, a child still wet behind the ears and green in the gills. That 18-year-old child is dancing under the moon of exposed behaviors, legs buckling in exhaustion from hours of uncontrolled dancing in women’s clothing. He’s not drenched in oil, but the excited browsweat from Satan’s oil glands themselves as he released himself in orgasmic glee, watching another young man tip-toe his way down the path of ruin and homosexual humiliation.

    Do you see how families are now torn apart. If Weiner and his Arabic wife had produced children, they would soon be in the throes of a lengthy divorce case and eventually a broken home. The nucleus of all morality is the man of the home, and when a man is still a cloaked, latent homosexual under My Pony influences, we see what happens. It is really sad and a shame for America.

    Weinergate. Anthony Weiner, Twitter bandit. These were all terms born in the 1980s. The cartoons, music and fashion of the time left something to be desired, a certain grounding that Reagan tried to instill in this country but could never fully force. Modern homosexuality staked its foundations in those times and we will be seeing more men who are victim to it.

    Post Traumatic Gay Syndrome. It is still haunting millions of properly married men to this very day. Is your husband one of them, and is there a cure? Only time and analysis will tell, my friends. Until next time, be well and fight the liberal innocence sucklers of this world, lest we see the emergence of more men of Weiner-grade confusion.

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