• Is Michelle Obama’s Diet Campaign In Suburban Schools Really Veiled Population Control?

    June 27, 2011 3:14 am 9 comments
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  • Michelle Obama joins daughter Sasha in gouring on fat cakes and greasy fries in Botswana. These recent photos show Michelle Obama is not adhering to a healthy diet and is not teaching her daughter to eat healthy food, despite having a campaign to make predominantly white suburban schools eat foods that are ‘healthier’, but shown in FDA trials to result in malnoursihed kids who have lower sexual gametes after puberty

    GABORONE, Botswana (CW) — Michelle Obama is in Botswana as she continues her second week of an extravagant African vacation.  So far, Michelle has entertained royalty and has bought expensive silk and fabrics on the taxpayer dollar and yet, these are not the worst of her offenses in the country so far.  The terrifying story from this trip is the implication of what we are seeing her eat, and it is something that puts the health of your children in jeapordy.

    Earlier this year, President Barack Hussein Obama did away with America’s classic and vital food pyramid.  Obama sought to destroy the food pyramid, not due to health concerns for America but instead due to his ties to Egypt.  In Egyptian mythology, Amen-re is the “God of the Pyramids”, but as an investigative report uncovers Obama’s reign was allegedly prophesied and drawn in a pyramid, warning a man who would come as a savior but be a dire threat to all of mankind.  (=>>Watch Full Story Here)

    Obama hates this prophecy and has ancestry to Thebian rebels who worshipped Ra, the Sun-God.  The circular symbol of RA is a sign of his perceived god-king protection and watching, therefore Obama wants all of our school children to use the “Myplate” symbol when studying food, to show that Ra is watching and nurturing their bodies.

    While it is fascinating and terrifying to think that Barack and Michelle Obama may be Satanic spirits, the whisping avatars of King Akhenaton (Amenhotep III) and Queen Nefertiti walking amoung us, there is an even bigger story here.  One that will strike your knees weak and cause you to faint in fear.

    Michelle Obama has an agenda to wipe out a certain type of people in America.  Being Egyptian by blood and oath, Barack and Michelle Obama harbor an immense Muslim hatred for America and its originators, the hardworking collegiate families of America.  While America strives to be the great melting pot, left-wing forces know they can destroy our economic power and prestige by attacking our suburban children.  If they can wipe out the core of our nation’s success, it will let us be overran by demographic groups that are not prone to success.

    In the above graph from the Census Bureau, you witness the decline of America’s backbone.  Hardworking suburban families are on the decline and demographic groups who tend to have less success and require more government assistance resources are sharply increasing.  This trend in birth rates gives the government more need to rely on Democrat socialist Trostsky-Stalin policies, the very policies Barack Obama is building into our government right now.

    Michelle Obama is trying to implement this new food pyramid not only due to the Ra worship ceremonies her and Obama throw under every blood moon, but also to weaken the bodies of our children.  She wants our kids to be malnourished, as it is part of a larger conspiracy to sharpen the decline of Caucasian demographic birth rates, which will ultimately cripple America and leave us as a welfare state with no source of industry or innovation.  The Obamas are helping ‘breed out’ the hardest, brightest and most college prone of America’s workers, which will one day leave us weak enough to succumb to a global government due to economic desparation.

    Is your child’s elementary school cutting the soda machines and forcing students to eat a celery stick instead of a healthy lunch of a sandwich, a bag of chips and a soda?  If this lunch was good enough for you and your parents, why is it suddenly not good enough for your children?  Why is the birth rate suddenly dropping off so fast for suburban oriented demographics?

    Look long and hard into this, America.  The Obamas are just one small part of the Democratic agenda to turn us over as a subservient Euro wielding member of the European Union.  One if by land, two if by sea indeed.  The redcoat loyalists are here again and they bow to King George, Stalin and Ra, waiting to celebrate in ecstatic release as our children go barren and America is turned into a third-world waistland, all just because the hypocrite Michelle Obama fearmongered us all into believing our children cannot eat McDonalds or a Snickers.


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