• Is Mount Ida College A Real University or A Trade School?

    June 10, 2011 1:11 am 62 comments
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  • Mound Ida College is a school in the United States of America. While some people feel it is little more than a joke ‘vocational’ school with high school calibre frog disection experiments as an upper-division course in its ‘accelerated’ two-year certificate of science program, others will contend it is a real university in league with East Coast schools such as Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth.

    Is Mount Ida a good school? Instead of speculating and drawing a reasonable analysis based upon scholastic review, today we are simply going to go straight to the source. The students of Mount Ida College.

    Is Mount Ida a Real School or a joke? Mount Ida College students speak out.

    Source: Mount Ida College Students

    Here is one First Year Freshman female’s account of Mount Ida

    i went to this school i advised u to never go or step foot on the premieres .They scam your money showers have mold in them spiders in dorm i had dirty carpet there are rapes on campus knife fights public safety is a joke your better off calling fighting your own battles. Residence life is so rude no heat at all in the winter no ac the campus is dark and gloomy and i felt very unsafe thanks for sucking mount ida worst college ever and oh wen i transferred i lost 18 credits

    Notice all the misspellings in her analysis of the school and she still did not find it to be a good school. Let’s continue.

    Next, we have a Fashion Major from the school. Mount Ida offers such challenging courses of degree study. Here is her review:

    i was a fashion major at mount ida. Good luck trying to transfer mount ida credits relating to your major into the same major at a new school. Most schools dont recognize them as anything but an elective. Do not go to this school unless you’re 100% sure you’ll stay there for graduation. Otherwise mount ida is a waste of time and money. Most students are spoiled and have nothing to do but gossip. The campus is nice but the residence halls are out of date (except the new building, which is poorly designed.) the teachers are excellent. There is a lot of pot on campus and excessive drinking. I would not reccomend this school. Faculty Accessibility: A+, Education Quality: F Have a Question?

    The teachers are really nice, but the education quality per this student rates a grade of “F”. Failing is what that F stands for, for you vet tech students who are keeping up with this. Oh, and this student makes their thought clear that “Mount Ida is a waste of time and money.” Next!

    Here is a student who went there for Psychology. Let’s see what their Mount Ida experience was like. Note that people tend to stay for two-year ‘stints’ at Mount Ida, a classic sign that you’re attending a vocational tech or junior college.

    I went to MIC the years of 04-06. During my expierence at the time, the facilities were disgusting. def not cleaned properly. I didnt find the work load/classes too challenging. I felt like i was in high school, including campus life as well. I met a lot of good people when i went to school there and had a lot of fun, however it is a very small campus. Just like high school there was too much drama/gossiping/etc. The years i was there i had a really good time, and the party life was pretty good. The last year i attended in 06, it seemed the party life on campus was disapeering. looking back on it, it was a good expierience and a lot of fun, but def not worth the endless phone calls from sallie-mae. Surrounding City: A+, Innovation: F

    Horrible. They felt like they were in high school. The campus sounds like a Twilight scene, full of gossip and teen angst drama. No telling if there are vampire blood orgies and intolerance, two focal points of the Twilight film series. Actually, there is a way to tell. We can read the next student’s horrifying experience:

    The main beef I have with Mount Ida is the intolerance. For a school that totes diversity, they sure don’t have very much. I know multiple people that are bullied on a regular basis, which is something that SHOULD stop in high school but for some reason doesn’t here. I have heard kids called ‘faggot’, ‘disgusting’, ‘weird’, etc. If you are not ‘normal’ in some way you are looked down upon–there’s no niche to fit in here. It’s just like high school. If you weren’t popular there don’t expect to be here, either.

    Walking down the hallway I hear tons of racial slurs. I don’t care if you’re african american–it does NOT make it okay to degrade yourself by using the N word all the time. That and the drinking. I live in a 24hr quiet suite…I still hear drunk kids at 3 in the morning.

    It is super easy to sneak onto campus. It makes me feel relatively unsafe. That and they refuse to install cameras in the hallways when there are regular break ins, many of which involve broken windows or kicked down doors. Public safety doesn’t really do a whole lot about this except have you fill out an incident report and sit there with their thumbs up their butts.

    The dorms themselves are falling apart, especially the freshman ones, and getting any sort of maintenance can take a very long time.

    In short…if my program were being offered elsewhere, I probably wouldn’t be going here.

    Horrible, just horrible. College should be a fun life experience, not such misery. Maybe it’s because the school is more like a high school that all these sophomoric cruelties allegedly exist. Here is another account from a disgruntled fashion major:

    I was extremely disappointed with their Fashion Design program. I took two classes my first semester: Draping & Couture, Basic Clothing Construction I

    In Draping and Couture, there was a pleasant older woman who taught the class but zipped through everything so quickly that nobody understood what she meant. One time she said, “Everyone get it?” and when everyone murmured and basically said no, her response was, “OK, Moving on…” Yes, seriously.

    The Construction class was even worse. The teacher would literally do ONE demo at the beginning of class and that was it. I would go up to her frequently and ask her if I was doing a stitch right and her response was, “This stitch is on page 85 in your textbook.” In other words, “You’re on your own, kid. Don’t bother me.” Maybe I’m picky, but aren’t teacher’s supposed to TEACH?

    Seriously, I could’ve (and have) learned more with youtube tutorials and a decent textbook (not the ones they suggested) than from the professors in this program.

    Needless to say, I switched schools immediately.

    YouTube Tutorials are on par with a major college? Wow. The wonders of technology. Here is a look at the school from a Criminal Tech student:

    First of all, do not expect anything great from this school. If your looking for the typical college life, look elsewhere. Most students go home on the weekend, and since I’m from out of state it feels like a ghost town. The students are dumb, potheads, alcoholics who only care about thirsty Thursday. No one goes to class on friday mornings. The food is even worse! Its either greasy or tasteless, expect to find the same food every week. The freshman dorms are quite old and nasty. The campus is so small that you will run into the same people everyday. People know everyone’s business. Most of the guys are jock meatheads, don’t expect to find a love interest here. It gets so boring, Boston is ATLEAST an hour commute, the shuttle to the T is terrible and freshman cant have cars on campus! In conclusion, come here if you have lowered your expectations about what college is or should be! Faculty Accessibility: B+, Collaboration/Competitive: F Have a Question?

    And another:

    This school is a joke, I switched out from after a year.

    In terms of social life,public safety basically ruin it. “Thirsty thursdays” are about it. Theres no frat life or much of a party scene except for trying to play beer pong inside your room quietly while you hide from RAs. Most people go home on weekends as a result. Fri-Sat this place becomes a ghost town. Most students are friendly, outgoing and not fake but some of the sports players are full of themselves keeping in mind that most of them are overweight meatheads and stoop as low as playing divison 3. People can be very close-minded.

    The dorms are sh*tholes. The RAs are tools and will right you up for pretty much anything they can thin of, the rooms are small, the internet is slow and there is no proper AC/heating.

    The academics are the biggest joke, good luck transferring because the credits don’t count for any other schools.

    Is it true that credits from Mount Ida tend to not transfer to other schools? Any Mount Ida students who can weigh in on that one, as it is something that seems to be mentioned consistently?

    Not all is glum at Mount Ida. A business student gives a rave review!

    The Fashon, & Business schools are the strongest here. Work load is not to hard or easy. Lots of great contacts through the school due to the Great location 7 min from downtown Boston. Mount Ida is 100% moving in the right direction with getting a name for itself. The professors are helpful and care about you underdstanding the material so you give the school a good name when you get a job upon graduation. I would not do anything different i would go here again plenty of things to do in Boston, but have a car for sure and on campus is not bad if you know the right people. Good mix of kids some with plenty of money that drive BMW’s, Range Rovers, Audi’s and some that are the poor college kid.

    A Design Arts student is feeling cramped:

    The school is suffering from serious overcrowding and overall neglect. They seem more concerned for making the $10 grand for room and board than giving you what you pay for. Students are sharing desks etc. because of overcrowding. Little help from faculty to resolve the issue

    So from these reviews, it seems Mount Ida is a two year school with credits that powerful Boston schools of repute are hesitant to accept. The school’s campus is a hodge-podge mix of wealthy students who want to party and say ‘they went to college’ before taking a position in daddy’s business firm and a mix of kids who may want to study.

    This hardly sounds like a Harvard, Boston College or U of Massachusetts. Still, it is a regional school where you can learn good trades. Is there anything left to be said of this institution?

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