• Japanese Toys corrupt Children’s minds

    June 13, 2011 1:28 am 22 comments
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    Have you noticed that your child often hides from you something, doesn’t let anyone in his room and spends his pocket money buying some silly action figures? If so, you have to be more attentive to your child. The origin for the most of action figures is Japan. These sick and perverted anime fanatics, sushi eaters bring corruption into our childrend’s minds.
    First I should clear something to you, so there won’t be any further misunderstanding.

    “Otaku”-is a Japanese term for sinful anime porn lovers. They actively distribute their interests and have an innocent look,so don’t be fooled. If you have a neigbour who is japanese, you should be aware of him and don’t let your child to contact with him. Otakus collect action figures and often make strange sexual acts collectively using them.

    You can recognize if your child became an “otaku” simply examining his room.¬†You will see such dreadful posters:

    Also you would probably notice a shelf which is loaded with half-naked dolls:

    BEWARE!!! Your child’s room can turn into a place for group orgies!

    Because of doll-masturbating youngsters the population of America is decreasing.

    Your son or daughter can lose interest in the opposite gender because of these evil sperm sucking action figures.
    Your child can spend rest of his life like this:

    He could even get married to a plastic and become a laughingstock for the rest of his sinful life.

    God!Protect our children from anime!

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