• Just Admit It, You Hate Obama Because He Has Black Skin

    June 2, 2011 11:51 am 26 comments
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    Barack Hussein Obama.  In 2008, great fanfare and procession commenced as The United States of America did the impossible.  Only some fifty years after officially recognizing little black children may just have a right to not be segregated away in shoddy schools, that African-Americans should be treated with as much respect as white Americans, we elected a black man as president.

    Only 50-years before, people had to lay down their lives and be subjected to the most ill, corrupt and detestable aspects of human nature to even suggest freedom and equality for all.   Yet, as a people, we overcame.  The morbid past of America, laden with countless stories of senseless violence and hatred all based on the melanin count of a person’s skin, was finally met with a tale of acceptance and progress.  America could overlook a man’s skin color as he ran for office?

    Or could we?

    On all sides of the fence, the answer is no.  Some people voted for Obama simply due to his skin colors.  Others, well, you hate him because of his skin color.

    You will say you don’t think he has a birth certifcate.  You will say it is because he’s Muslim, even though he has repeatedly shown to be a Christian.  You will attack this man at every minor turn and at the root, no matter how wild the accusations, there is one truth.  Many of you hate Barack Obama because he is black.  And your hatred and mental inferiority in the light of progressive logic and reason is destroying our nation.

    T.E.A. Party.  You are all idiots.  I am a Republican, a man who desperately yearns for the return of true Republicans.  I am a man who is convicted by morals and knows our nation is in desperate need for fiscal reform.  Our nation is bleeding from the pockets because we are too busy looking at the outside appearance of our politicians, rather than looking into them and holding them accountable for their daily actions.  We have become superficial, the fear of Abraham Lincoln.  “America will never be destroyed from without, but from within”.

    We are destroying ourselves and it is petty, small-minded people — such as the people attacking Obama because he is black — who are destroying this nation and our chance at recovery in the face of massive castrophe and destruction of this Great Union.

    Only months ago, T.E.A party members, you found it okay to bring guns to a rally near where Obama was speaking.   Why?  Why would such actions ever be sanctioned, why such disrespect for our nation’s president.  Media treats this man no better, constantly trying to find ways to belittle him in the face of crisis.

    The attacks, they are a poor, weak player upon the stage.  They are full of sound and fury, but signify nothing of importance but derision and division.  America, why are we trying to damage the president of America with overt racist remarks, suggesting he is a Kenyan, suggesting he is a Muslim and suggesting he is so many other things that make him ‘foreign’ and ‘not us’.  Such things are only damaging and spread the flames of hate that men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and women like Rosa Parks fought to stamp out.

    Such stupidity is setting our nation back to the mindset of times when it was good sport to lynch a nigra and share a lemonade while their children mourned for their father.  Such ridiculous logic is the same that produced these types of things:

    Police and demonstrators


    TEA Party rally in Arkansas.

    white supremacy skinheads prison tattoo flags white supremacist tag stormfront

    A few grains of hatred, a few protest signs given to the youth of the nation, can explode into the most gruesome acts of violence and hate.  Why are we allowing this ugly beast to rear its head again, America?

    Coffin carried through crowd

    New racism is bred from mistakes of the past.  The very people who think it is okay to curse Obama because his skin and create a following are of the same fabric as the villains from our nation’s shameful Civil Rights travesties.

    America, stop hating Obama just because he is black.

    Why?  It will only breed hatred and take our nation to a very dark place, a place none of us are equipped to deal with.  You want to see where derision and division lead in modern times.  Look at Libya.  Look at Egypt.  Look at Somalia. If you want that level of protesting here, with leaders ousted and people murdered due to their tribe being slightly different than the next and those in power, get out of this nation.  We have progressed and I for one want to keep it that way.  How about you?

    The T.E.A. party and those who are making up reasons to hate Obama, that is using veiled racism, are the modern Governor Wallace.  Sitting around big bellied, thick-skulled and no ability to think of an American future where we look out for one another and choose political leaders based on skills and accomplishments.

    There are many reasons to not like Obama.  I think Obamacare stinks, because healthcare cannot be freely given without federal oversight.  Our nation’s Emergency Rooms will be overran with patients, of all colors, using the card like a kid would a free candy pass as Willy Wonka world.  They will drown our nation in debt that we have to pay.

    Obama’s sense of urgency on foreign affairs is lacking:  America needs to maintain military dominance.  Obama inherited a tough economy, he is as much to blame as Congress, President Bush, President Clinton and every other president and Congressional member who contributed to our bubble economy that inevitably burst.

    But what we cannot do is allow people to build campaigns on hate.  Donald Trump was gaining support in his attempts to ‘Let’s Oust the Kenyan with no Birth Certificate!’ platform.  That blew up in Trump’s face.  Now, Mitt Romney, the Mormon from Massachusetts, is going with the “Obama is foreign” angle in trying to make him seem a socialist, clueless outsider, when that is far from the truth.

    In the upcoming election, do not vote for people who make their primary campaign platform “Obama is a ____” because if we elect them to be president and Obama is gone, their plan for America will just be a ______.  There is no substance, nothing there but a campaign built on smears and hate, with no substance or plan for this nation.

    I would rather give Obama another 4-years in office then vote a TEA member or a faux-Republican who uses sound bites and hate to gain leverage.  That is not the America our forefathers envisioned.

    I am not a fan of Obama.  I am a journalist, an author and a public speaker.  I lobby for the Republican Party and I am telling you right now, I am lobbying for an America that does not fall into the trap of being bamboozled by racial swindlers.  The wolves are at bay and our morality is in the chicken coop.  It is time to save America from falling back from progress and we do that by routing out faux Republicans.  They have destroyed this nation long enough and I want my party back.

    I want my country back.

    Stop hating on Obama because his skin color, or at least have the cajones to admit that is why you are against him.  If we, as a nation, can put a man in office who says he’s better than Obama because he’s not black and has a white sounding name, then we may as well fold up our flags and shut out the lights.  America is dead.

    Don’t let that fate fall into our country.  Let’s keep it clean, smart and good, America.  Give Obama a fair chance and criticize him fairly:  hold every other damned politician to those standards, and just maybe, we can still salvage our nation.

    – Jack Gould

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