• Kirk Cameron and Banana Man’s Reissue of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” a Success: Evolution Disproved once and for all!

    June 27, 2011 10:16 am 349 comments
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  • As I’m sure you’ve been aware, Charles Darwin’s unholy fictional novel known as “The Origin of Species” is recognized as formal doctrine of the Satanic Church of America, and is even considered to be the official Antichrist’s Bible in some Luciferian sects. Since this is America, these blasphemous Wiccan religions are technically free to use whatever “religious text” they’d like for their sinister “bibles”. However, when these Satanic texts are forced into our classrooms in the name of “science”, a line is finally crossed. Liberals love to complain about upholding the “separation of church and state”, but have no problem with mixing the two when it is their false religion of evolution that they want to force down the virgin throats of our children.
    Kirk Cameron, former teenage heartthrob and current revered Christian Young Earth Creationist

    Luckily, for the sake of the children in this country, two holy crusaders began on a journey two years ago to put a stop to this. Ray Comfort aka “The Banana Man” and former Growing Pains megastar, Kirk Cameron issued the reedited, truthful version of Darwin’s evolutionary book of demonic lies. They included an extended prologue to warn the children that what they are about to read is pure science fiction. They also put the true history of Charles Darwin’s life into the book, highlighting his misogyny, racism, undeniable connection to Adolf Hitler, and his pedophilic, analsexual exploits. Comfort explains:

    “If you’re going to present a piece of literature and claim it is nonfiction, it’s important to allow the reader to have some background information on the author of the text in question, so they can assess this claim for themselves. When children are given the Bible to read, they know exactly who the author is and what He stands for. That author is, of course, God and there is well-known detailed information out there about Him. When the evolutionists want to present their “bible” it is important that our children know who Charles Darwin is before they make up their minds.”

    Cameron and Comfort are sure to highlight how Adolf Hitler used Darwin’s book as his primary blueprint for the extermination of the Jews. They also point out the fact that Darwin took on a 12 year old child husband, after he forced the boy’s parents to sign his rights away to Darwin. Darwin was also the chief influence for NAMBLA’s (North American Man-Boy Love Association) founder, beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Another starling fact about Darwin was his own alliance with high ranking witches of the day and other practitioners Satan’s dark arts (no wonder they revere his work). Darwin famously recanted on his deathbed and apologized to God Almighty for the sins he had committed which laid the ground work for evolution, liberalism, atheism, and black magic to rear their ugly heads into the public school system and infect our children. Unfortunately for Darwin, God knew it was too late for repentance as He cast Darwin into the Lake of Fire.

    Fortunately, the righteous work of Cameron and Comfort is finally starting to pay off. When polled recently, over 75% of school children now accept the true doctrine of Young-Earth Creationism- up from 42% before the new books were distributed. An amazing 91% of these new adherents to Creationism attribute their awakening directly to Cameron and Comfort’s new book. Finally, the public school system is starting to fall into line with the rest of mainstream science and accept the indisputable fact that God created the heavens and the earth over a period of six days around 6,000 years ago!

    Ray Comfort demonstrating his historic banana model, which is sure to be taught in public schools as soon as Obama is impeached for being an illegal Kenyan immigrant

    For those that do not know why Ray Comfort is called the “Banana Man”, this was a title of reverence given to him by the scientific world when he disproved evolution through the use of a banana, illustrating how its perfection is a testament to God’s unique creation. Once Obama is defeated in 2012, the homogay, liberal stronghold will be defeated once and for all, and I have no doubt that this newfound liberation will give teachers the courage to teach Intelligent Design in the classroom once more. It seems the only monkey here is Mr. Darwin himself. Hey Chuck, I hope they have bananas in hell!

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