• Lenin is a Power Generator

    June 17, 2011 6:33 am 3 comments
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    Almost twenty years have passed from the moment when we, Americans won the Cold War and destroyed Soviet Union. Russian communists had to accept their defeat and set our righteous American lifestyle in their country. Also, American democrasy was succesfully imposed in Russia, everything was getting normal in this coutry and economy was growing till this year.
    Police versus communists:

    Some stubborn communists who don’t want to bend their knees in front of America remained. They still drink vodka instead of Coca-Cola and have a dissolute lifestyle. This year more and more Russians become oppositionists of pro-american capitalistic government. It is believed that such increase in protestants took place under the influence of Lenin.
    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was was a Russian revolutionary, political philosopher, necrophile and founder of USSR. He died in 1924 and his body was balsamed in vodka and put in mausoleum that is suited in Kremlin, Moscow.
    Photo of Lenin in mausoleum:

    Russian communists don’t want to believe that their leader died.
    “Lenin kicked,
    Lenin kicks
    Lenin’ll kick capitalist butts”- this disgusting and non-poetic slogan is cried from communist mouths.
    Russian communists really are zombies, they were defeated, but they are still alive. These sick fanatics drink vodka till state when they can reach Lenin through astral world.
    In such state they communicate with Lenin:

    Russian army worships to Lenin:

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