• Lightning Fast Chinese Death Snail Brutally Strikes and Eats a Worm

    June 26, 2011 4:29 am 71 comments
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  • Nature is vicious and today we see that even a Chinese Snail is terrifying.

    Sources report that this snail is genetically engineered by the Chinese, a part of a plan by their government to unleash an invasive species in America to wipe out all of our worms.

    As any agriculturalist can tell you, worms are a vital part of this nation.  Their activity loosens and aerates the soil, allowing America’s Heartland to thrive and provide food for all of us to eat.  This species mates with the ferocity of Mexican jackrabbits and has a high r value with little predators due to its toxic out integument, meaning it can quickly spread across our nation once the Chinese sneak them into the country.

    The lives of our Americans worms, and therefore our agriculture and weekend fishing trips are in peril.  Look at this shocking footage.  Notice how the snail moves impossibly fast for a creature famed for being slow.


    A Death Dragon strike, from but a snail. The power of Chinese scientists continue to grow and they have no moral bearing to ground them, so we all are at risk.

    This snail is even more proof why we must nuke China while we are still ahead.

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