• Living in Cruel Days, Evil Hours…

    June 19, 2011 6:55 pm 47 comments
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  • Upon starting the new-age of ChristWire Global, I had a vision of organizing Nixon’s Moral Majority on a global scale. No longer does restoring only America’s Godly heritage hold enough unction, enough wherewithall to heal humanity, in our quest to bring the light of Republican morality to the world.

    We live in a society of globalization. We are interconnected and therefore, we must make sure our morality permeates every segment of society, from America to the lesser nations, in order to plant the seeds of conservative values that will insure the blossomings of a brighter tomorrow, a better future for mankind.

    When I gave the first sermon and set ChristWire’s Mission for a New Millenia, I knew we would be met with challenge. Liberal harpies from the New York Times and Los Angeles Weekly, from Howard Stern, Daniel Tosh, Rachel Maddow and MSNBC have all come rapping upon our doors, looking for a media fight of misinformation and backhanded deals to undercut our stories.

    But alas, good friends. We have remained fervent and made great alliances in our fight to restore freedom to America. Fox News. Andrew Wilkow. Dick Cheney. Donald Rumsfeld. These are just a few of the powerful names who have reached out to us and our 3 million daily followers as we continue this vital mission to overtake America from the Liberal Hordes of Destruction.

    Today on Father’s Day, dear readers, we are faced with one of the greatest enemies of our lifetime. Every generation has had their culprits. In the 1940s, our brave forefathers were faced with the threat of Nazi annihilation.

    The armies of Hitler goosestepped upon the once Christian lands of our European brethren, spilling the blood of innocents and leaving them all crying out for a savior. But we overcame. We borrowed from the Wrath of our God to bring an explosively peaceful end to World War II. With an invasion on the beaches of Normandy and bombs of atomic peace, we overcame.

    In the 1950s and 1960s, the aging forces of the Greatest Generation faced a new threat. Communism. Never before had America faced such a threat as a people so evil, so vile, they would create weapons that could wipe out a city’s life with a push of a button, and dare aim those weapons at us.

    And for 20 years we endured their threat, until God gave us President Ronald W. Reagan and Pope John Paul II to make even the great, cold Russia tremble and bow before us in fear. We overcame Stalin’s evil grip of terror upon mankind.
    We persevered and we overcame.

    And now, the aughts are upon us. A new age of decadence has emerged with the Left Wing Liberals and Radical Democrats. Our dear Republican President and Christian deliverer of slaves, Abraham Lincoln, warned us that our greatest challange would never be from a foreign danger. Abraham Lincoln prophesied, our greatest danger would come from within.

    And we have overcome Muslim terrorism, we have beat back the armies of Saddam and discovered his batch of Homegrown Terrorists. And even scarier than the terrorists are one of the sickest, most mean and deceptive enemies of the American family ever known.


    Flamboyantly thumbing their nose to all responsibility in creating families, instead basking in musky odors of sweat-lubed orgies where men in leather chaps and unreal amounts of body hair only emerge from their dens to demand Gay Rights in trying to force us to accept their claims on Marriage and Child Adoption, these gays are assailing the very fabric of America. They are destroying the definition of a man.

    Such warfare is one we have never seen, subversion not witnessed since Satan slyly inserted the liquid DNA of evil as he spit vipered her writhing bosom on a night of shame in the Garden of Eden. And now, gays are trying to spit viper their agenda right down our throat, America.

    They are trying to take over our media culture and the minds of our children with gay pride education. They are trying to destroy the nuclear family, the cornerstone of America’s greatness, with lies of how homosexual households can dare deliver the some calibre and quality of children as proper American homes.

    This is a new type of warfare, a war for the minds and hearts of America. This is a war of ideaologies and lifestyle, one where if we lose we will be basked in a fecal flood of damnation. We will wallow in the tepid pits of murky molestation and disease for all.

    This is not the America of my forefathers. This is not the Christian nation manifested by God when he gave us the right to this land. Our land! From sea to shining sea.

    Men of America, today on Father’s Day I charge you to stand forward and be proud of your life. You were created by a Man, a man who is your father, and a woman. You were given the gift of life and thrive in it you shall!

    This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith! We are children of The King and our Lord and Savior wants us all to have a life rich in love and family, while we tread upon our newest great enemy. The homosexual agenda.

    Today, on Father’s Day, let us bring some brightness to manking by celebrating the Nuclear Family, the greatest enemy to all gays.

    Dear friends, we are living in cruel days. Evil hours. Around every corner, a radical homosexual plots and plans to rape and pillage the sensibilities of America with their subtle inculcations into our great nation. But together, we will stand clenched and strong, ready to withstand any assault and say This Is The America of My Fathers.

    A Christian Nation. A moral nation. A nation of Republican Values and Christian Unction.

    And as we defy the left-wing agenda of homosexuality, we will restore by making the Nuclear Family Strong.

    And as proven in lessons of the past, by our forefathers, a nuclear America is an eternally powerful America.

    My friends, be blessed and keep the faith.

    – Pastor Jack “Jbox” Gould

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