• McDonald’s Now Charging Afro-Americans $1.50 Per Transaction After Violent Blacks Study?

    June 13, 2011 3:46 pm 46 comments
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  • The nation has been gripped by a pandemic of African-American violence in eateries.  We’ve seen footage from IHOP, Denny’s and Subways, where throngs of Afro-American litter children have caused raucous and even accosted cops, costing restaurants thousands of dollars in damage.

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    McDonald’s has long tried to entice the African-American market as they underline the basement profit margin of the dollar-menu campaign, but now we see with its new ‘Classy McD’s” image campaign even McDonalds is admitting the truth.

    Our esteemed colleague Tyson Bowers III first called attention to McDonald’s denial of reality when viewing the McDonald’s 365black.com campaign.  McDonalds was trying to build a series of restaurants exclusive to only black people.  These restaurants would look urban and snazzy, with iron-grate on the windows and one armed officer in every restaurant.  While trying to trick us all by making all blacks look succesful and the wearers of business suits at 11 am, when most blacks are actually at home collecting Obamacare according to latest census studies, we find that McDonalds was secretly trying to find ways to combat the corporate “shrink”, or losses, caused by black violence and theft of McGriddles and Filet o’ Fish sandwiches in the break rooms.

    Then as perhaps the biggest pressure to McDonald’s executives, we have this harrowing scene that still breaks the heart of this great nation:


    Jackson, can the Rainbow/Push Coalition make an official statement and denounce what happened here. Look.

    There is a nasty double standard going on here. Democrats are ready to sacrifice a California congress woman for simply forwarding an email that compares Obama and to a monkey. Poor taste, sure. Unheard of, no way.

    As parents, your hearts are terribly racing. Will your child be the result of inner-city violence when they stop at McD’s on the way from after school work or soccer practice. Can you trust your honey to go grab some nuggets for the kids the summer, and not get a phone call from the local hospital that he or she’s been shot dead?

    McDonald’s new image campaign comes in the wake of the endless violence their cheap menu attracted. Look at every inner-city area in your town. Look at the stores and advertisements. Dollar Store. The Salvation Army Goodwill. Hardees. Dime Laundromat. Carneceria. Madea Movie Posters. Malt Liquor and Cigarettes. Rent-a-Center. Notice all the cheap, undesirable stores and the people who shop within.

    The cheap inner-city marketing and businesses will repeat street after street. McDonald’s is becoming a part of that danegerous cycle and this new proclamation to their black customers shows they are going in the right direction in trying to free themselves from the same fate met by White Castle and Hoodey’s Burgers.

    Will this latest scheme work?

    Rest assured, self-centered preservationists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will rise to combat this strategy, calling it racist and unfair profiling. Just remember these are the two men who let a gay transgender girl be brutally beat in McDonald’s by a black gang of fists without saying a word. Now, they will rise and say there is something not fair in charging black customers more money.

    It is rare to find impoverished blacks with $1.50 extra to spare, so it should really reduce the incidence of poor African-American happening into proper McDonald’s for a Value Fries where they argue over not having that extra three cents to afford it after tax. They will know even the dollar price is out of their left-over welfare card change and will be better off just waiting until it’s refreshed by Kenyan magic the next month.

    Here’s to this new campaign and hoping it improves the quality of McDonald’s once again.

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