• Michael Jackson’s Thriller Was Originally Anthem For The Gay Agenda: ‘Starlight’

    June 23, 2011 9:10 pm 21 comments
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  • The 1980s were a very tumultuous and trying time for America. The nation had just recovered from the idiotic Democrat Presidency of Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer who allowed Iran to take Americans hostages while OPEC thumb their noses and raised our gas prices to impossibly high numbers.

    On the homefront, a change was needed and enough Christians were able to band together to elect a stern man of faith, Ronald Reagan, into the highest office. Immediately, Ronald Reagan sat free the hostages in Iran and as a bonus, forced the Soviet Union to renounce communism or be given the peace of nuclear damnation. The Soviets chose wisely and the world was at peace, but there was yet a threat not even Reagan new about. The gays.

    During the 1980s, we saw a new disease spread across this great land. Some call it ‘homosexuality’, others call it ‘gay bowel disease’. It all results in death from herpies and AIDS, so semantics are not important.

    Little knownt to any Americans, a secret cabal of fairty footed fecal fisters in New York were plotting with San Francisco gays to move into Hollywood and implement their lifestyle into our culture through a good old fashioned backside attack, a gay’s speciality.

    Famous television stars and tv shows became the new recruiting grounds for the homohuffers. Stephenson Billings has proved how Golden Girls made an entire generation of boys primed for golden showers and indifference to if a person is young or old, male or female, as long as they have a hole and a musty release of tensed orgasm is achieved, it is all sitcom comedy and cute old ladies at a breatfast table. Nothing to worry about.

    That is what gays want us to think. That their lifestyle is inconsequential, a part of everyday life. That is why they keep trying to bob the tip of their lifestyle in and out of our day to day media. One of the biggest shockers is to know that Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the highest grossing song of all time, was almost an Anthem for the gay agenda.

    Imagine: if Thriller had released under its original name, Starlight, it would have been the best selling album in 1982. By now, gays could already have the right to diddle our children at the busstop and even scarier have the right to marry.

    Here is the original version of Thriller, named Starlight Twilight. You can see the homosexual FX and flash fingers, unicorn pony magic all throughout this fecal enabled test shoot. This was released by MJ studios post humously and is terrifying to know this could have become the theme of 80s music.


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