• Michelle Obama Engages in Bizarre Mating Ritual with Desmond Tutu

    June 23, 2011 8:23 pm 10 comments
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  • It is bad enough that we already are allowing certain ‘flavors’ of people in our White House, but this just takes the cake. Not since Lady Bird Johnson flapped her hairy wings has the White House known such disgrace to the position of First Lady.

    We’ve already covered the basics of why Michelle is not fit to be the First Lady of America:
    she wore a flussy’s dress to high school senior prom
    – she married a non-Christian Muslim who refused to show us his birth certificate when we first asked
    she dared touch the Queen of England with dirty hands
    gyrates sin treats in front of children
    she makes fun of homeless people
    celebrity vacations
    hussy short shorts
    he lets her daughters dress like Soviet nuke babies
    her husband would rather kiss a man than her

    These things are just the tip of the iceberg of exposes we’ve done about this women who spent $5 million on a vacation with the King of Spain, while Americans are being laid off work and our brave troops don’t have enough equipment to bring peace to terrorists.

    But today, we see even a new low.

    Today my assignment was to find new information about Michelle Obama to help tarnish her name for the upcoming election, as if it was lusterous in the first place. As I searched the internet and sources to dig up more dirt on this Williams tennis sister Amazo, you would never believe what I found her doing in her mothership land of Africa today:

    Michelle Obama And Desmond Tutu Doing Push-Ups

    There you have it, jungle boogie!  Much like your pet dog and a wild jungle cougar or a prowling gay in heat, some ‘flavors’ of men love to stir the coffee pot from behind if you get my drift.  They are addicted to the caffeines of fecality and we see that playing out here.

    For a second, turn your television to Blacks Entertainment Television.  It is the one with all the black hair commercials and loud, annoying music with women wearing bright yellow banana shorts and bending over while some gold toothed man talks about smoking magic mint, bumming your daughter’s behind and then stealing your radios.  That is Black entertainment apparently and you will notice that they always talk about fornicating on women’s backside.

    “Fecal dangle” “Rump rump sump pump” “Foofighter fister” “Tootsie roll chew”.  All these words you will hear the rappers say and they are talking about forcing their black monster into the poo hole of your daughter at college.  How do you like that?

    You can see the first order of business for Michelle Obama on this trip was to get into the ‘doggy wag’ position and entice all of her hosts.  You can see the man to her right (the black rapper Ludicrous?) is already keyed on and Barack Obama is going to have major black anger problems when he sees what the “First Lady” has been letting men Tarzan swing right into her bushy jungles as soon as she got off the plane.  She even has lesbian tongue action!  She is trying to entice even Desmund Tutu.

    In 2012, let’s put a gentleman and his Lady in the White House again, America.  Look at it.  The first lady is down in the ‘poop squat submit’ pose and this will give Obama the gay vote and the black gang vote, but let’s have the Moral Majority vote get us a proper family in our home again.

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