• Michelle Obama Hires a Stripper (Picture Evidence)

    June 24, 2011 5:11 pm 7 comments
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    As if it’s already not bad enough that her husband is destroying America’s economy and just got caught kissing a man with tongues, you would think we could dig no worse dirt up on Michelle.

    Surely, she would at least try to atone for her husband’s sin against our Christian nation and just like Weiner’s wife, tell him he needs to resign and fly away peacefully in Helicopter 1.  But no, Michelle is watching an African shake his boa constriker!

    Even my heart was strucken with shock and rage today!  Today’s assignment was simple:  find more dirt on the Obamas.  They already look dirty due to their melanin and hell sulfur suit of lies and deceit, so it is a usually pretty easy task.  We must sully up what’s already dirty, so this family cannot sparkle during the next election.  Fine.

    But who would think that a “First Lady” would be getting a boom-boom fest for the eyes!  Michelle Obama purportedly called up the local strippers while she visited Ghanjbouti in her motherland of Western Africa!  Look at her snap those fingers as he snake charms her to open up her garden and let him spittle some African babies in there!  Check the paternity tests, Obama!

    This is so typical of a blacks.  I am shocked that there are more Chinese, because you see even Michelle Obama cannot resist being a little whorecracker hoochie Obamamamma when her man is not around!

    9 months down the road, watch they will be on Maury Povic and claiming that Obama is not the father.


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