• More Proof That Cats Are Evil: Cat Lusts to Eat a Baby

    June 18, 2011 5:10 pm 43 comments
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    Adam Nelson


    Cats are vermin unto the Earth. Much like women, cats were created by God to be a pet for men. And much like women, cats fell from natural order by becoming involved in an illicit scheme by Satan, which damned them eternally.

    Women were created pure, right from the ribs of the Son of God. So imagine the sorrow in God and Adam’s heart when they found out Eve was drunk with the spirit of fornication. She gapped her legs in the Garden of Eden and let Satan have his way with her pristine Sally Jessy. She let him slide his satan scepter and spit the poisonous venom of evil DNA right into the human genome, forever corrupting us until we leave these bodies to be judged guilty or innocent for heaven or hell.

    Now, the thing to understand is that cats are just as corrupt. Their main corruption occurred in the ancient Egypt, where they were worshiped as Gods and used in bizarre devil worship ceremonies. In Egypt, Satan called himself ‘Ra’ and tried to take credit for creating the Sun, when in reality we all know it was God who created the Heavens and Earth as proven in the Bible.

    In their bizarre Ra-Set worship, cats became infested with demonic spirits and began to have unnatural glows in their eyes and to this very day, you can hear a cat homosexually hiss and roar with the gay pride of Satan. Yes, cats are now a very homosexual animal and this is why you see single men in tight leather chapped jeans always taking a fondness to several cats as pets. Cats are the gay helpmeet.

    But if that was not all enough proof, again we saw just how evil cats could be when they helped witches at Salem possess entire towns of proto-Americans. The tales are scary and you could read the history of how cats gave people the power to levitate, float in water, survive fire and even cast curses. These cats are called ‘familiars’ and the evil Stephanie Meyer move “The Harry Potter Series” tries to make kids once again learn the devil’s magic and to use cats to enhance their power through demonics.

    And that brings us to today. Where we still see cats as one of the greatest vermin and threats to all mankind. In the following terrifying video, we see a cat lust to eat a baby.


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