• NBC’s Community Spreads Gay Atheist Agenda, Mocks God

    June 17, 2011 2:07 pm 40 comments
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  • Atheists are always trying to find new ways to make your good, God-fearing Christian children become godless homos. If they had their way, atheists would teleport rapist fecal bandits into your living room, sexually molest your sons and daughters, and forcefully indoctrinate them into their lifestyle. That technology does not exist yet, even though sin scientists are working hard at it. Instead, atheists do the next best thing: they put godless queers on network television, invading your living room through your family’s big black sinbox.

    The sitcom “Community,” on NBC, is the latest attempt of Hollywood’s queer agenda to convince you that it would be fun to be friends with sinners. The cast and creator are all gay atheists, and the plotlines usually involve sin tunnels and mockery of the Lord. Only one of the characters, Shirley, is Christian, and the other characters constantly tease her for being a righteous and good woman. They call her “Sherbert” and ask her why she doesn’t have any gay sex. Not only that, but Shirley is a black. The horrendous “joke” these demon spawn are trying to make is that only blacks are Christians anymore. Whites, the show seems to think, are atheists or Jews or Scientologists. If your child is white, the show wants him to believe it is a betrayal of whiteness to love the Lord. Of course this is ridiculous, and it reveals the show to be the evil sin propaganda machine it truly is.

    The worst character of all is the blonde woman “Brittle.” Brittle’s plotlines usually involve loud lesbian sex with her neighbors, all of whom are also lesbians. She often tries to indoctrinate the bisexual Jew Annie into her lesbian lifestyle. Annie refuses to completely cross over and still occasionally has sex with men. This is considered “hilarious” to the sinners who made this piece of filth.

    The show also mocks the elderly, who should be celebrated for their wisdom and longevity. This picture is from the episode when smug gay atheist Jeff Winger staples things to the noble, lovable Pierce. Over the course of the episode, he staples 420 different things to Pierce, then runs around naked shouting that number over and over. For those not “in the know,” “420” is gay atheist code for marijuana and other drugs such as cracked cocaine and heroin.

    More puzzling but equally as evil is the autistic terrorist Muslim known as Abed. Abed is the most frequent mocker of the Lord, as shown on the left above doing his impression of “disco Jesus.” Then he turns around and does gay anal fisting and finger play with his black “friend” Troy. The obvious homosexuality of these two is another “running gag” of the show.

    Hollywood is always disgusting but this time they have gone too far. This show has a devoted audience of homo hipsters and they will try to force it into the eyes of your child like the rapists they are. If you value the purity and sanctity of your son or daughter, do not let him watch Community. Please call your local NBC affiliate and demand that they remove this gay filth from your television.

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    Cool Tom Kimbo I am a Youth Minister trying very hard to show children that God is more awesome than sin docking and rap.

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