• New Flesh-Eating Marijuana Pictures Will Scare Your Kids Crapless

    June 23, 2011 9:54 pm 87 comments
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  • Marijuana, known ‘on the street’ as ‘Magic Mint’, is a horribly dangerous and addictive drug. Over 63% of college students are plied with alcohol of MM, the magic mint or marijuana, leading to the high incidence of teenage pregnancies and fraternity pledge deaths we have seen in recent years.

    While walking down the streets, your children may meet scary men who sell this smoked herb at head shops. These men claim to be doctors and wear green outfits, as reported by our colleague Mike Watson during his investigation into the dangerous underground marijuana market that’s destroying this nation.

    When your children are invariably confronted by a prowling black or scarier a Mexican selling them these drugs at the store or after school, they need to know what this drug can do to the body.

    While 13% of all marijuana is only addictive, a whopping 87% of new-age marijuana — grown after last year’s Boehner bust and burn of all old magic mint — is deadly. It will cause your skin to rot right off your face.

    These new strains are high risk and the new marijuana dealers are not hip to it. Called “Thai temptations”, this strain is imported from Asia and just like an Asian, it multiplies quickly and is very condusive for these illegal sellers to switch to. Here are some pictures of what happens to people who are smoking this new type of marijuana at their Bonaroo fests and The Phish concerts.



  • The drug smokes like LSD and has the punch of cocaine.  It is called marijuana.  Your child’s face will rot off if they smoke this drug.  Let them know and show them these “Faces of Marijuana” and even more at ABC News.

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