• New York Inches Closer to Legalizing Bestiality and High School Homosexual Recruitment

    June 21, 2011 1:05 pm 197 comments
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  • Events in New York State are now rushing American society to the precipice of anarchy. Armies of radical homosexuals are gathering in the millions to march on Manhattan, exhibiting their wildest fantasies in a boastful, X-rated parade that will shock and horrify. Legislators in the capital city of Albany are pushing through an Orwellian attempt to redefine mankind’s most sacred tradition of marriage. And in the daily lives of the local gay population, the worst forms of physical violation– from sodomy to transvestitism– are practiced with eerie delight. It is a full frontal assault on Christianity and beckons the widespread destruction of our civilization.

    Once so-called “homosexual” marriage becomes law, it’s a slippery slope to the vilest forms of perversion. There is already talk that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will be outlawed, replaced by a gender neutral “Parent’s Day.” As experts like Reverend Pat Robertson and Archbishop Timothy Dolan have noted, it’s only a matter of time before disorders like pedophilia and bestiality are legalized in this maniacal sexual revolution.

    A groundbreaking study undertaken by the Koch Brothers recently revealed that personal liberties are declining rapidly all over this nation. This is especially true in the “liberal” states like New York and California where, coincidentally enough, homosexual marriage is on the front burner. How long before our very countrysides are forced by the government to host bacchanals of motorcycle-driving lesbians, “power bottomers” and cross-dressing “twinks”?

    stephenson billings on gay marriage

    Believe me, the homosexuals are coming. They crave the pathos and clear-headedness of small town peoples. They yearn for the virile young bodies of our children. The whiff of innocence in a new pair of sneakers excites them to tizzies of erotic enchantment. National parks and highway rest stops are popular hunting grounds. Mutual masturbation in these secret nooks is a gateway drug for the confused and lonely. Older men and women are equally at risk. Youthful gays clamor for the meaty hand of one who makes a living off the land. The musky vigors of maturity salve their incomplete selves. Ultimately, these migratory homosexuals are seeking to rewrite their childhoods. In this sickening reversion to their failed pasts, same-sex fanatics see naïve rural teens and brawny father figures as little more than the meat of their hormonal sandwiches. It’s a small snack the homosexual chews on before returning to that full-blown schoolhouse of depravity we call urban America.

    stephenson billings on gay marriageMaggie Gallagher, Chairman of the National Organization for Marriage warns: “Children are our future. When a civilization becomes sexually disorganized, it cannot seem to channel the erotic energy of the young into making stable, loving marriages in which to raise children. The result is a large increase in social problems, an increasingly large government that steps in to try to solve these problems, more suffering for children, and lower levels of happiness for adults, especially for women. If the trends continue long enough, it calls into question the capacity of the society or civilization to transmit itself into the future.”

    To perpetuate this absurd lifestyle, homosexuals have set their sights on recruitment in our schools. Since these types cannot biologically reproduce, it is an essential part of growing their ranks. As scientist Dr. Judith Reisman has noted, “Homosexual recruitment is loud; it is clear; it is everywhere.” Our educators no longer celebrate abstinence and the Christian covenant of marriage. Hardcore gay films have become the standard in our health classes as part of the “Safe Schools” agenda. Thanks to the ACLU and their demands for “free speech,” educational institutions cannot censor illicit internet sites in computer rooms. Children are thus free to download porn all day long on the taxpayer’s dime. Yes, our very children are at severe risk of being indoctrinated into this horrific world of anal lust and endless masturbation. No wonder so many shower their bodies with glitter and explore intergenerational sadomasochistic roleplay.

    stephenson billings on gay marriage

    The end times will not be pretty, my friends. The mainstream media and our elected officials are quick to label people of faith as paranoid. But the story of Sodom and Gomorrah teaches us otherwise. We are facing an era where social engineering may push our economy into complete bankruptcy. Shortsighted programs like communist-style healthcare and elevated income taxes will lower the United States to the level of Cameroon. Atheism will become the keyword of our future. Traditional Christians will no longer occupy the primary role in leading this nation. We are witnessing a new dawn of vampires, video gamers, hipsters, hippies, ravers, drug addicts, Trotskyites, “bisexuals,” drag queens, sodomites, masturbators, Chinese “fellow travelers,” eco-terrorists and much worse.

    Tragically, homosexuals know nothing of love and passion. How could they? When one’s life revolves around manicuring body hair and masturbating at the gym, there is no room for Jesus. With each clip and stroke, they forsake all 5,000 years of human civilization.

    Bent on destroying marriage, these people envision a future where lust results in legal protection. They will claim the right to wed their pets, their houseplants and even their own siblings. To keep this delusional momentum going, they celebrate marijuana legalization. They are pioneering new drugs like internet-enhanced psychedelic experiences and stem-cell party narcotics to fuel their wanton addiction to spiritual violation. They are even networking into the highest echelons of the Washington elite, blackmailing and bribing our Congressmen to turn the military into a testosterone-driven orgy of muscular male penetrations.

    stephenson billings on gay marriage“Gay weddings” will be the new codeword for bestial displays of chintz and pop, bare flesh and sweaty fornication. Who is the bride? Who is the groom? Will it even matter when plentiful champagnes and civil rights speeches muddle guests’ minds? The beautiful notion of a honeymoon will be redefined as an exercise in international scandal, where homosexual couples travel far and wide to expose their nasty wares to the underprivileged. They will pack suitcases full of dildos and lubricant, pornography and women’s wear, as teaching tools to the muscled young men of third world countries.

    Back in this country, these homosexual newlyweds will demand access to spousal health care. They will adopt. They will buy homes together and skirt income tax laws by filing joint returns. They will invade hospitals under the guise of “family” visits. Can our economy afford all this? It may not matter much in the long run as liberal-style socialism drains money from hardworking Americans to support the gamut of these reckless social experiments.

    Homosexuals are famously averse to monogamy. As they grow old and bitter in coupledom, they lash out with illicit internet hookups. They invade the conscientious confines of adulthood by opening up antique shops and bed and breakfast hotels. They pride themselves on becoming experts of the arts. It’s all a guise to take worship away from God. They spend money on expensive baubles instead of tithing to a church. How can there be room for Christ in a fussily-furnished home full of pampered dogs? What has replaced the family Bible on the coffee table? Don’t be surprised if it’s a heavily-thumbed copy of Architectural Digest. Or maybe even a disingenuous bodybuilding magazine.

    stephenson billings on gay marriageSurveying the horrific fate that awaits the gentle people of New York, we should all shudder at what the future holds for the remainder of this nation. From budget bankruptcy to tabernacle bacchanals, from politically correct holidays to schoolroom pornography, gay marriage invites the utter destruction of our souls. Homosexual matrimony is the beginning, but it’s not the end. When bestiality, marijuana abuse, international sexuality, materialistic home environments, pampered pets, overburdened health care plans, open displays of erotic intensity on our streets, sadomasochism and vampirism are all added into the mix, it’s quite clear that this is evil in its purest, most heinous form. Will we survive as a Christian nation under this threat? Will America ever again rise to its global role in promoting love and compassion around the world? Will Jesus Christ be utterly forsaken so that two men can have a campy ceremony dripping with golden balloons and bare-chested waiters? Only God, the King of Love, knows the answer to this perplexing question, my friends!

    “This war boils down to being a spiritual war. One between God and Satan. Between good and evil. Albany’s always trying to legalize something that’s wrong. The Bible says it’s evil, Albany wants to legalize it, because if you can legalize it, then they feel comfortable doing it, participating in it, and usually if you can legalize a sin, you can find a way to license it and tax it to get more revenue. And that’s the game they play in Albany.” Reverend Duane Motley.

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