• Openly Satanic Rapper Tyler, the Creator Advocates for Teen Suicide

    June 3, 2011 5:36 pm 231 comments
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  • Ever since rock music came to America in the 1950s, Satan has tried to infiltrate our youth’s minds through music that advocates whoring, sluttiness, and general disregard for adults. But surely it is a sign of the end times when we have the first openly satanic pop star emerge. The ridiculously named “Tyler, the Creator” encourages his fans to chant “Kill people, Burn shit, Fuck school,” and openly performs acts of devil-worshipping and maiden-deflowering onstage. He is no different than other black rappers in his goals, but he is open about them in a way that no other so-called “musician” has been yet.

    Back before the Beatles and Elvis brought evils to America, good Christian doo-wop, soul, and jazz taught strong values. Frank Sinatra told us to live our lives “My Way,” and “I Get a Kick Out of You” was an impassioned plea to stop our youth from using cocaine. But Tyler, the Creator lets the devil enter him regularly, probably through his anus, and recommends others follow him into crack and heroin addiction. If he released a cover of “My Way” he would have to change the words to “Satan’s Way” because that is the only way that Tyler is interested in following.

    Predictably enough, Tyler comes from Los Angeles, a city-sized den of sin, and the only place where such a Satanist would be tolerated. We see again and again how the supposed virtue of “tolerance” actually encourages Satan to enter our young. We cannot tolerate Satan and we cannot tolerate Tyler and his message. He should be run out of the U.S. by a mob with pitchforks. Instead of his deserved fate, Tyler has amassed an entire cult, the members of which are known as “Odd Futures,” and they seek to make the future nonexistent by causing all of America to be swallowed into a hell Satan anus hole. The Odd Futures are all pictured below, and if you see any of them you should call 911 immediately.

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    It is not only Satan that Tyler worships, but also Satanic offshoots such as videogames and dungeons and dragons. Tyler’s love of these Satanic role-playing games influenced his decision to name his first album “Goblin,” as seen below. In addition, Tyler often wears hats, the Satanic effects of which have been documented in my most recent article.

    Odd Future also supports the homogay agenda, including an open lesbian in their “krew” and frequent use of the word “faggot” as a term of endearment. The group has been said to perform gay acts on each other on stage, and sometimes invite white audience members up to perform even gayer acts. Sometimes they lead their fans in a chant to “Free Earl,” referring to Earl Pomerantz, a known pederast. Several members of Odd Future have been said to have links to NAMBLA.

    Worst of all, Tyler is a supporter of the now-happily-deceased Jack Kevorkian, and he feels that all teens should have the right to die and should kill themselves immediately. This disgusting message was rammed home into the sin holes of teens with his most recent video.

    Do not let your teen be fooled by Tyler, the Creator, and keep his music from raping more ear-holes than it has already raped.

    WARNING: Do not watch if you are a small child or are are feeling weak against the powers of Satan!!


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    Cool Tom Kimbo I am a Youth Minister trying very hard to show children that God is more awesome than sin docking and rap.

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