• Parents, Justin Bieber Will Boom Pow Your Daughter’s Innocence in Maui

    June 1, 2011 9:23 am 15 comments
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  • For years I have warned every parent about the dangers of Justin Bieber.  He is a Canadian, first off.  Not much ever good comes from a Canadian with attention.

    Canada is a cold, desolate continent that annually celebrates the day they savagely attacked young America and burnt down our White House and killed our Pilgrim Thanksgiving Indians who were living harmoniously with us in our nation’s capital.  The Canadians are a jealous breed of people and salivate at the thought of one day raiding over our borders and terrorizing us with all their cold, hearted hatred and fiery, unstable tempers.  Canadians are just bad news, and maybe that’s why Gang Rapper Ludicrous picked the tempermental, womanizing Justin Bieber to be his ‘Vanilla Ice’ or “Marky Marker Walburg” of the 2000s.

    Justin Bieber poses with rapper Ludacris, after a genre team-up where they woo young girls with Satanic lyrics, girly voices like teen Michael Jackson and lustful eye stares.

    We all know Satan is constantly looking for ways to throw fornication orgies with our pure Suburban reared values daughters, so in that sense Thank goodness our good friend Amber Cooper reminded us of how Satan is using dirty prom dresses to get our daughters loose and pregnant. But what Amber could never have known and parents you did not either, is that Satan has a new magic mint slang and his name is Justin Bieber.

    Since this boy released his song “Somebody to Love”, the schools of America have become hotbeds of festering diseases and sin soaked orgies.  Elementary school playgrounds have gone from having innocent kisses and holding of hands to swapped out tears because the pregnancy test has a happy face.

    Yes, children are becoming pregnant because they are listenting to Justin Bieber’s music.  His music is all about ‘hey, girl, I dress like a black Los Angeles Crisps gang member and you should let me twaddle you behind the slides”.  That is the gist of all his songs and it scares you parents to death to know the truth.

    Look at how comfortable Bieber is with his mentor, Ludicrous.  Did you know they are all a part of the Crisps?  It is a notorious street gang in Los Angeles who will shoot you, sell magic mint and then get your daughters pregnant.

    Bieber is all a part of this scheme now.  He’s got the anger of Chris Brown yet the innocent face of a female Adam Sandler.  That is why he is the rap world’s go-to guy.  Rich suburban parents do not realize this boy is just a much a threat as letting a black basketball gangster come to your door and take your ‘daughter’ out for ice cream.  The only ice cream cone she’ll get is a chocolate covered sin dandy that will shoot little Jamals into her and give you a caramel colored surprise 9 months later!  Keep Bieber away!

    Now, there are always skeptics.  There are always fat lipped, sloppy tongued liberals drooling and masticating their slobbers as they do their best to yell lies to you.

    There will be little Bieber fans saying this is all not true or trying to smear my credibility by calling me racist, when all my words are true and from the heart!  They will try to say Justin Bieber is innocent and parents can trust their daughters with him.

    Well, if that is the case, why do we see him giving this little poor Mexican girl Selena Gomez the business in Maui!  Photoshoot!


    You're so funny! Selena throws her head back as she hugs Bieber and they lark about in the water

    Shock and awe!

    You're so funny! Selena throws her head back as she hugs Bieber and they lark about in the water

    He’s giving her the Thanksgiving Turkey splitter!  He’s trying to dally her with his Bieber baister and trying to marinate the meats over her wishbone!  I wish I had every angry father armed with warning shotguns!  Chase the Canadian bad wolf back to where he belongs, Padre Gomez!

    Gissa kiss: Bieber leans into his Disney belle as they smooch in the sea

    Look at him blow Satan’s breath of fornication into her mouth.  He is putting this girl under his spell.  Their is rumor there is CDC classified “Bieber fever ” and it happens when girls listen to his full CD or watch too many videos.  They start sweating in sin and get all riled up, showing they have become infested with some virus.  That virus is a disease called LUST.  Justin is using lusty sorority girls tempting good, solid young men in fraternities with naughty whispers and plying them with alcohol so they can have a baby techniques.  It is a sick, sad circle and we see this Bieber is playing opposites here.

    Gissa kiss: Bieber leans into his Disney belle as they smooch in the sea

    My belly rumbles with disgust.

    Now many of you parents need to take a break right now.  You know your daughter has the Bieber poster on her wall and she is on summer break, watching videos of this boy give this little innocent senorita the chalupa treatment and making songs about it.  Your daughter is now imagining that lurky boy next door that keeps staring too long at her, doing bad Bieber things to her.  All he has to say is, “I like Bieber” and she will immediately strip down to her bikini just like our victim up above and let him cool her fever with his unholy water hose.

    Now again, liberals will try to say this is all not true.  They will yell and whine, saying you should not raid your child’s room, rip the Bieber posters off their walls, take their PC Computer to Best Buy Geek Squad and tell them “No Bieber, delete it all!” and then get them cell phones with no text, image or videos.  Burn the CDs, burn the magazines and when the child cries, tell them, “If you dont’ want to end up pregnant, alone and dead on the 5 0’clock news, shuttup and get out of my house or FOLLOW MY RULES CHILD!”

    They will shut up real quick and whimper.  Liberals will try to say this is all too much and not fair.  Well you just ask them, is it fair for parentrs to see this happening to their daughters!

    Hugs and giggles: The pair larked around on the foreshore

    It all went from frisky to the back way!  If you let your daughter listen to Justin Bieber, she too will get bent over on the beaches of Maui as a little horn dog goes for the glory mount!  Fathers, raise your hands.

    Leave them up high and proud if you want your 11-year-old daughter back bent by this 10-year-old Bieber boy like a gay cat in heat.  He’s going for the stink and sink attack.  It is all possible because she’s wearing a two piecer like Hollywood Jezebel law allows!

    Smooch: The loved up couple share a romantic kiss in the waves

    They don’t even have hall passes, so how can they have licenses.  The fact that Bieber is out there on a boat scooter really angers me and how can you get out in the ocean to give him a good talk.  He is givign her backside attention sprawler out of arm’s reach.  Do you trust this boy to whisper into your daughter’s ear for 2 hours straight.  No?  Then why have you not raided the room yet and burnt the CDs.

    Mid air kiss: The pair couldn't seem to keep their lips off each other

    And there they go.  Flying off for a secret twiddle rompus.

    Parents, this is straight from the horse’s mouth.  Do you see what happened to this girl in just one trip?  Imagine that is your daughter there and it is so.  Terrifying.  Keep Bieber out of your child’s lives, parents.  Never forget my sage words or this article when you see Bieber.

    Do not let his little Bieber beak peck your daughter’s egg layer.  It is the goal of every gangster and teenage horndog boy like this.  Get Bieber out of this country, out of our music and away from your family!

    Here is some real music to teach everyone a good lesson on this.

    Cleaning This Gun


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