• Red-eye Cat Is Possessed By Satan (Video)

    June 13, 2011 12:32 pm 40 comments
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    Adam Nelson

    Cats are a destructive vermin that threaten to destroy mankind. In the days of ancient, cats were familiars to Egyptian witch-kings who used them in fertile land rituals. Cats played a role in Egyptian death-worship in where villagers would torture throngs of people to appease their false gods, then as the villagers lay near dead in pits of excruciating pain and opitate drug overdoses, Egyptian priests would unleash unfed housecats whose priman nature lead them to eat all the people who suffered.

    This practice fortunately spread the great Cairo sickness that wiped Egypt to the point of weakness during the Dum’tulu dynasty, making it succeptible to domination by eventual Christian rule (though many of the native still cling to Islam, a natural evolution of Ra worship).

    Even in the stories of ancient, we can see the evil of Satan. A dog would never pick apart humans, but rather, try to lick and defend the innocent against great evil. Cats are naturally programmed to be possessed by Satan and to do his work.

    Today, we look upon a red-eyed house cat who speaks to smoltering language of Beelezebub.


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