• Riot Grrrl, Is Your Daughter Lesbian Grappled By This Strange New Culture?

    June 14, 2011 9:30 am 64 comments
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  • Lesbianism is a lifestyle borne in the lands of ancient, the first tellings of its pulsating grasps upon feminity dating to steamy nights in the fertile cresent.

    A rummaging tale of indecent licks upon the most sinfully moist delicacy, the woeful betrayal of women’s responsibility to seed the future of humanity is now being written in our time.  The pages are turning and upon each one, we see words like ‘feminism’ and ‘power girls’ inked in defiance, daring anyone to speak out about how these terms are just fronts for an old, nasty habit women picked up long ago.  Lesbianism.

    Today, there is a new form of lesbianism that is sweeping through our nation’s college campuses and high schools.  Seaman Satan loves a lesbian clambdabble and mark my words, parents, that he’s got his net tossed and is ready to watch women, your precious daughters, dine on each other’s Chicken of the Sea tuna melts.

    The raunchy thought haunts your mind with its truth and the newest threat you need to be scared about is Riot Grrrl.

    Take a look at the earliest etchings of this movement, a Manifesto against Decency.  It is from the passage Riot Grrls and Sex.

    “In her kiss, I taste the revolution!”

    So goes the ecstatic shriek at the pinnacle of Bikini Kill’s punk girl-power anthem “Rebel Girl.”

    The movement was about far more than music, though. In the early aughts — — affronts against young women’s dignity seemed endless. Riot Grrrl swiftly crystallized the anger and frustration of a whole generation of young women. Daughters of second-wave feminism, these girls had grown up on promises of equality that seemed to dissolve sometime around adolescence, when the endless opportunities allegedly available to girls in “postfeminist” America began running aground on the realities of constricting gender roles and beauty standards, sexual harassment and assault. These contradictions were enough to make a girl want to scream.

    And once Riot Grrrl began, thousands upon thousands of girls did scream, in myriad ways. They picked up electric guitars and drumsticks for the first time. They organized meetings and festivals and conventions. They wrote handmade zines and built underground self-publishing networks to distribute one another’s writing, art, music, and videos.

    This terrifying account is the ice, cold tip of the stark reality that shoots chills through your spine. Drumsticks in the hand of a woman is a segue drug to later lesbian defiling devices. Is your daughter with attitude these days, opting for short ripped shirts and revealed legs. Does she shave regularly, in her girl parts?

    You may think these questions are not relevant, but it will make the difference in taking preventative measures in saving your loved one from lesbianism or letting her descend down a slippery path of little morals.

    The hotbeds of Raver Grrrl, synonymous with Riot Grrrl, culture are elite universities, namely on the East Coast of America. Research shows this ‘second-age’ revival of cult feminism has pronged into a Third Wave Queencore Lesbian movement. All of these terms sound foreign to you and the primer I have created on Wikipedia will be of great help.

    The murkiest aspect of this carpet cleaning culture is the oral openess in our society. Many of you have heard of the singer Avril Lavigne. She is a Canadian and is the new poster child Raver Grrrl. Does your daughter look anything like this or have friends who behave like this?

    Thick thighs emerging from impossibly short skirt, the back seams mercilessly taunting the eye with every movement of the gluteal romp that tightly sashays to and fro. You can only imagine that after a six shooter and a tall boy, the skirt will be slung aside as her tanned, firm body gives into the deepest throes of sweaty ecstasy with her lesbian roommates or sorority sisters. It is a dreadful thought highlighted by hardcore raver music by Avril Lavigne, speakers thumping and bumping on high to muffle the screams and delights of a dorm room lesbian encounter, an encounter that will rob you of future grandchildren and seeing your daughter become a mommy.

    Is Your Daughter a Riot Grrrl: Know The Signs (A ChristWire.org Parenting Primer)
    1. Does she shave her push? While this question may trouble many parents, a telling sign of lesbianism is a girl who refuses to shave her pubic papillae. A kempt woman of morality will want to be presentable and feminine in this area, whereas lesbians ‘buck’ culture by not tending their fertile fields as meant by God. Simply see if your daughter has spent razors in her bathroom at home, or if in college, offer to do laundry.

    Take a close look at the undergarments and see if there is evidence of hair and a fresh whiff when whipping them into the laundry. The smell of seduction is a telling sign of pubic indecency.

    2. Review your daughter’s CD collection or ask her to ‘text’ you her current iPOD mp3 list. If these bands show up, she is a lesbian.

    Marcy’s Playground, Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, The Fray, Train, Avril Lavigne, Excuse 17, Heavens to Betsy, Fifth Column, Calamity Jane, Huggy Bear, Spicy Girls, Adickdid, Blood on the Dance Floor, Emily’s Sassy Lime, The Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morisette, The Frumpies, Macy Gray, The Butchies, Sleater-Kinney, Bangs.

    3. Signs of Lesbianism. Lesbian culture is still deeply drenched in symbolism, indicative of its origin in an ancient world of superstitious ritual and gyrating lesbian blood orgy sacrifices under the moonlight. Christian band Weezer released a warning song years ago named “Pink Triangle“, telling of lesbian adherance to pyramid culture and sacrifice, marking themselves as did lesbians of Egyptian lore.

    This horrifying reality is hitting parent after parent in this great country. The new front of feminism is being born from the music industry, right in the Raver Riot Grrrl community.

    It has been many years since one of the Momma Bears of this community, Uma Thurman, ignited college women to throw off their Always and take on the world in fit of adolescent harpy screams and bloody Tarantino smut rage with the movie Kill Bill. The plot of the movie series adequately describing what a Raver Grrrl concert is all about, we see that there is a disguised sado-masichism element to this new-age lesbian movement as well.

    College is a time of experimentation and beware parents, your girls will be confronted by at least two Raver Riot Grrls in her freshman year. Lesbians are unrelenting in their fervency to have a sample of your daughter’s pristine body, so just imagine what happens when you up the lesbian sex instinct with the meth and magic ment that is so prevalent at their concerted encounters.

    Eyes wide in drug-addled confusion, your daughter will be lured into snare traps where her coital juices will be used to quench the most hell-induced desert of thirt for these wild women. They are ravers, which is bad enough, but when you add the notions of anarchy riots and lesbianism to the mix it turns into a boiling cauldron of witchcraft.

    The sorcery being wielded here is that of delusion; a delusion of sexuality, decency and risk to health.

    The incidence of recovery from lesbianism is slim to none. Most girls who fall into this trap, just like lesbians of various movements in years before, will die cold and alone. With no children. With no family. Only old age and and memories of musty pubic lust, a scent that will forever haunt their nose as they slip from this life into a cold, barren grave that is just as soiled and worthless as their unused womb.

    What a cruel fate. Let us spread awareness of this new raver trend, the Riot Grrrl, and let these Avril Lavigne’s and Spicy Girls stop selling their mind washing records to our college daughters. Otherwise, we will see a future of your suffering as your daughter dies from thrush herpies or worse. Beware, parents. Beware!

    The riot girl lesbian is on the prowl, will your daughter be taken in?

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