• Rioting New York Gays Disrupt U2 Concert in Glastonbury

    June 25, 2011 11:20 am 8 comments
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  • Often touted as the greatest concert band on Earth, U2 found itself fleeing the stage in the hours of twilight as gays worldwide celebrated New York’s homosexual agenda’s victory over morality.

    All was normal fair for the U2 concert at first, as Bono did his ritual of enticing audience girls with his multi-colored eyes and squawking tree hugger lyrics. As the crowd swayed back and forth under the hypnotic spell of magic mint, all came to a head when after checking his iPhone’s Twitter at mid-song, Bono fatefully yelled out, “We did it! New York City is the westcoast San Francisco!”

    Gays immediately erupted into a writhing orgy riot, hemorrhaging upon stage with the force of a burst sewer line. All was chaos and there is still no official report of how many people were trampled and sodomized after the riot. The health of Bono’s backside, who allegedly found himself in a surprised involuntary power bottom position under the manstack of short shorts and unclenched zippers, is still not known at time of report.

    U2 and its frontman Bono, known for their global poverty-fighting efforts, were accused of dodging taxes in Ireland by activists who crashed their performance at England’s Glastonbury festival.

    The anti-capitalist group Art Uncut inflated a 6-metre balloon emblazoned with the message “U Pay Your Tax 2.” Security guards wrestled them to the ground before deflating the balloon and taking it away. About 30 people were involved in the angry clash.

    Bono fan Gary Noble, 45, said he found the security response “all a bit shocking.”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/violence-erupts-as-u2-rocks-glastonbury-20110625-1gkbg.html#ixzz1QIyRAaNC

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