• Rude, Crude and Out of Control: Will You Pray for This Facebook User’s Salvation?

    June 20, 2011 5:38 pm 37 comments
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  • The internet harbors incredible possibilities for prayer missions. We have seen it time and again in different Christian communities. A group of the spiritually enlightened gathers together online to help the needy. Today, there is one person in particular that I would like to turn your attention to. The request is simple: Won’t you spend a moment praying for a lost person’s eternal soul? I must warn you however, that this particular Facebook user is desperately angry and reckless but I truly believe the power of our calls to God can help!


    Spend some time clicking around this offensive, outrageous profile. Look at the disturbing photos. How could this happen in our day and age? Have we completely forsaken all sense of morality and righteousness? But the good news is that we can heal! Yes, we can free this person from a lifetime of satanic servitude! Yes we CAN!

    After clicking this profile, please take a moment to share these thoughts:

    Father God in heaven above, I lift up each lost soul on the face of this earth. I know that your heart desires to have all of mankind saved and serving you. I walk around with a burden for lost souls all of the time. Lord, I pray that you would speak to their hearts in a unique way that would minister to them personally. I pray for a revelation in their hearts that they need you there. I thank you that you are an awesome God, full of love, wisdom, joy, grace, mercy and goodness. Thank you for your promises and your love. I thank you that you will be pursuing these souls far and wide. Father, use these prayers posted, that many will come into the kingdom of God! Amen!

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