• Russian Communists strike Again: ElectroStalin

    June 19, 2011 7:25 am 12 comments
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    Cold war has not ended!
    American capitalists have won the battle, but they din’t win the war. The ghost of communism is still walking on streets of Russia. More and more people there are joining communist party. Pro-american government in Russia has lost it’s power and communists are planning to strike again.
    In my previous post “Lenin is a power generator” it was written about USSR founder and necrophile Vladimir Ilyich Lenin who is going to ressurect soon.
    This time I want to alert American government about a new thread: ElectroStalin.
    Iosiph Vissarionovich Stalin was the Premier of the Soviet Union, Chief of Russian nation and bloodthirsty sadist.
    He is the most bloody, perverted and sick-minded chief in the history of Russia. Stalin is also known for his success in World War 2. During his years in government, Stalin commited lots of sadistic acts. His most favourite punishment method was “Shashlik”, when sharp blade is put into anal hole of a victim.
    Stalin like all Russian leaders was also balsamed in vodka and put into mausoleum in Stalin city. This means that there is a chance of ressurecting him using electricity. If Russians will manage to ressurect both communist leaders, the world won’t be the same anymore. Communism will engulf all countries, including God’s country America. We will live like hobos and will pray to communist party till death.

    If you plug a Stalin to a battery,
    If you plug a Stalin to socket,
    Stalin will be brisky, stalin will be peppy
    Iosif will sing and dance!
    ElectroStalin, ElectroStalin
    C’mon get up all and go to dance!
    Totalitarism, totalitarism
    Let’s dance together ElectroStalin dance!

    It is our duty to do something about it and prevent communism and atheism spreading.


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