• Scientists Now Claim 9,550 Year Old Tree is World’s Oldest

    June 6, 2011 2:50 pm 69 comments
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    How can a tree be 9,550 years old, when the Bible proves the fact that Eath was created 6,000 years ago?

    Evolutionary scientists are a delusional lot of people. Here is how they think life works.

    Evolutionaries think that 50 million years ago, there was all emptiness. They say that it was all black, even though by their logic black should not exist since nothing was created and void! What color is void? See, they have no answer. Anyway, let’s continue to entertain their little sin theories.

    Evolutionaries think that in their magically black void, there was suddenly a big bang in space! Boom! Now, I know many of you may not be experts in science like I, but let me learn you something right quick. In a vaccum, sound cannot travel.

    So when you are watching little pretend Star Wars or Star Trek and you hear noise in space, it’s a Hollywood lie! They are trying to prepare your mind to accept the Big Bang Theory, as if you could really hear a big band in space. It is impossible for in a vaccum, sound has no continuous string of molecules to push and transmit sound energy. Impossible!

    But somehow, now with void being black and sound travelling through a vaccuum, the evolution geneticists keep having their lie orgies of fake theories. Now, here is where it gets ridiculous.

    Somehow, the sound of the big bang was so powerful, it created the periodic table of the elements. Carbon. Copper. Einsteinium. They think everything just magically appeared because of this ‘sound wave’ that was booming all through space, leaving behind nuggets and chunks of matter creation. How is that even possible? It gets worse and more ridiculouser.

    Earth just randomly appeared. According to these scientists, all the billions of Stars and Suns and Solar System Galaxies appeared from meteors smashing together and the sun shining heat on everything. It was a codswap of mix matched meteors that created deoxyribonucleic acid in sludge pools of water that now magically appears in their theory, where we all evolved from bacteria brothels that they claim existed. Then plants. Then dinosaurs. Then monkies making whoopie with protohumans. And then us.

    And that’s the theory of Evolution, by genetisists.

    So after all that, they expect is to believe the tree you see to the right, in Sweden, is the oldest on Earth. They are trying to steal the story of the Tree of Life from the Bible. They want their origin tree and here it is. They are going to try to claim God and his Jewish people stole the story of creation of Tree of Life from this tree. Just watch. These people are clearly delusional (just reread their theory above and see why.)

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