• Sins of the British: Top Gear driving us off a Sin Cliff

    June 5, 2011 3:29 am 66 comments
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  • Many Americans do not know about the dangers from foreign lands, as we really don’t care about people with funny accents or even worse a different language. But that is why Christwire is here. We survey the horizons for sins and evils from distant lands so that you may build a sturdy mental fence to keep them out when they finally get here.

    One of those foreign dangers that I have identified is a foreign Television show from the land of England/Britain. Many will remember that we as Americans proudly fought a war against the evil tyrannical limey British a long time ago, we drove them from our home that God himself had delivered us to. But that was not good enough for them as they came back in 1812 and tried to take our land again. But with the valiant warrior Jesus guiding our musket blasts we drove them back to their little God forsaken Island where they stayed until the early 1900’s, when a force even worse than them rose up to destroy Europe. The Nazi’s. Twice we save the bloody lime sucking, dentist fearing, Earl Grey sipping Beef eaters, but they still plot our nations demise. Need I point out that THEY led us into wars both in Afghanistan and Iraq and have tried to bring us into war with Libya so as to weaken us so that they may once again come across the Atlantic to take back God’s country from us!

    This new threat is from the BBC, also known as the British Broadcasting Community. England is a socialist nation and this state owned broadcasting outlet controls what the people of that land watch. Their most popular show is Top Gear. This show is about three aging middle aged men (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May) who recklessly drive around cars like pubescent 16 years olds. They also have a fourth member of the show that is a deaf-mute racecar driver that may or may not have brain damage. The show has approximately 350 million viewers worldwide (including cable channel BBC America) and is heavily downloaded on the internet by online pirates, with roughly 300,000 downloads per episodes from torrent programs.

    Jeremy Clarkson (born 11 April 1960) has been a mainstay of British television since the 1980’s. Clarkson suffered from something called testicular torsion as a teenager and that has painted his phallic driven life ever since. His sinful actions and support of moral degeneracy has often resulted in criticism from the media, politicians, pressure groups and the public. Despite the criticism against him, Clarkson has also created a significant following from the public at large, being credited as a major factor in the resurgence of Top Gear as one of the most popular shows on the BBC. As a automotive journalist, he is frequently critical of government initiatives and very unpatriotic, and often mocks Americans calling us names. Clarkson wrote of our President “they have got it into their heads that Barack Obama is actually a blend of Jesus, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King.” Clarkson has also been very critical of the supposed military alliance between the United States and England, referring to America as the United States of Total Paranoia, commenting that one needs a permit to do everything except for purchasing firearms. He called the Ford GT “the most unreliable car ever made”, and described his month of owning it as “the most miserable month’s motoring possible”. Of GM (God’s Motoring Company) he calls them a “pensions and healthcare” company which sees the “car making side of the business as an expensive loss-making nuisance”. He calls Camaro owners murderers, and during the shows second trip to the USA, Jeremy Clarkson gave an American police officer the middle finger gesture when pulled over during their trip.

    Richard Hammond (born 19 December 1969), is also known as Hamster, for unspeakable Richard Gere’escue use of that animal. In January 2007, he recovered from a high speed crash that was shown on the show. Hammond returned to a welcome, worthy of a pagan god, complete with nude dancing girls, airplane style stairs and fireworks. He is a fan of Porsche and their Nazi brand of cars, but strangely also appreciates American Muscle Cars, and is a fan of monster trucks. Despite living in a castle, he may be the lest condemnable one of the lot.

    James May (born 16 January 1963) is an English Television Dandy. The show often alludes to his homosexualness. On the show, May is known as “Captain Slow”, for his careful driving style, a love of small, underpowered cars and habit of getting lost and distracted whilst driving, which is typical of a twink. In 1992 he was fired from Autocar magazine after putting together a hidden message about asses.

    The show is no new comer to complaints as many of the few Christians in England have recognized the dangers posed by the show and as most Christians, are very vocal about complaining about what they see as evil. In one Boxing Day show, which is a British holiday that is a hold over pagan celebration usually somewhere around Christmas; the presenters drove from Iraq to Bethlehem. They took a quick jaunt into Iran, and then drove through Turkey, Syria and Jordan. During the show the hosts cross dressed as Islamic women. The three of them wore the niqab, an Islamic veil where all but the eyes are covered. Of course Clarkson is the one that had the idea.

    During the show’s Polar Special at the end of season nine, Jeremy Clarkson was shown drinking and driving. Despite claims that they were in international waters at the time! How can you DRIVE over water! Even the BBC admitted they were wrong, and apologized.

    Clarkson also insulted Truck Drivers, by insinuating that they kill prostitutes, alluding to a series of murders known as the Ipswich 2006 serial murders. In another incident the BBC received only 600 complaints following an incident in which the presenters murdered a fat Albanian and attempted to find out which of three car trunks he would fit into the best.

    Recently, Clarkson said that the show wants “black Muslim lesbian”s to replace them. As bad as that is, I wonder if it could possibly be any worse than these three.

    This show is blatantly Un-American, during the opening and credits they use The Allman Brothers Band’s instrumental hit “Jessica” as its theme song, with out written permission of Duane Allman, owner of the song.

    In the show’s first trip to the US they drove through the Great State of Alabama and decided to write potentially offensive things on their cars to coax the Southerners into a controversial situation. James May’s Cadillac ended up with “Hilary for president” on the side, Clarkson’s Camaro had the words “Country and western is rubbish”, and Hammond’s Dodge pick-up sported “Man love rules, OK”. The show portrayed Alabamians as stereotypical murderous rednecks. Unfortunately, the wonderful southern state has still not recovered from the horrible publicity. In the end credits of that show, it further mocked the US as rednecks by listing the names in the credits as ‘Cletus Clarkson’, Hammond as ‘Earl Hammond Jr.’, May as ‘Ellie May May’, The Stig as ‘Rosco P. Stig’ and replaced the first names of all other crew members with ‘Billy Bob’.

    The show has also come under fire for misleading viewers in a segment where they tested a US produced Tesla Roadster electric vehicle. They slandered vehicle manufacturer Tesla in an episode aired in 2008. They showed the car running out of charge before it did and then pushing it to the garage. The company is taking Top Gear to court for libel and malicious falsehood.

    Like any other cancer it spreads:
    The show first spread to British sympathetic Australia, first colonized by the mother countries criminals it is still a hot bed of sin as many recent Christwire articles have revealed. This show premiered in September 2008, and is still going on.

    The contagion soon spread to Russia. The Russian edition was scheduled for 15 episodes. After only half of the first season, broadcasting of the Russian version ended due to viewer criticism. Even the COMMIES thought the show was wrong!

    Unfortunately, sinners in the United States also seem to crave vile filth from the mother land. This is why many youth return to Europe and travel around “finding their selves”. So the show was brought to the US. The show’s presenters are racing driver Tanner Foust, a horrible New Jersian and supposed comedian Adam Ferrara, and NASCAR driver Rutledge Wood. It also has a version of The Stig. Recently The History Channel, known for glorifing Hitler, has renewed Top Gear for a second season.

    BBC in the next few weeks will be returning Top Gear to the air waves for their upcoming summer series. I urge you to not watch it, and to keep your women and children safe from this threat.

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