• Sore Bottoms and Huge Lines Outside of Kleinfield’s in NYC

    June 27, 2011 2:21 pm 29 comments
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  • After passage of marriage equality, many celebrants in New York, New York – the city whose name salutes homosexuality and same sex marriage through repetition – are lining up outside of Kleinfield’s. The store is a bridal Mecca for those that use casual Muslim references and demand high quality fabrics, consulting and have money in the back pocket or trust fund.

    It is estimated that a staggering 98% percent of the gays in New York had non-Christian anal congress on average twice this weekend before starting the drama and tiaras of bridal planning. It is estimated the legislation will provide a 15% boost to the bridal market. Since homosexuals and gays tend to gravitate to the lavish, expect new trends to emerge and older, less dramatic ones to fade.

    While the Naval uniform was the chic option in the 80’s Unitarian ‘joining’ ceremonies, expect something more on the scale of gypsy weddings in the near future. For many that joined in the conga line to pick out wedding gowns, the savvy fashion hawk can spot new emerging trends in the bridal market.

    You never can go wrong with the elegance and timeless beauty of a all-black Audrey Hepburn inspired ensemble for the rehearsal dinner.

    Even girl on girl butch lesbians look for clean freshness in a Wedding look.

    Sometimes a rich chocolate cat suit paired with a colorful simple sash makes a bold style statement at the reception. Yum.

    Animal theme weddings for the Broadway gays put a little song in everyone’s heart. “Aeeiha, humbra!” I can’t wait to see him lift the little guy.

    A chapel train and lamb mutton sleeves say traditional, the shoes and eyeglasses update this classic look to a modern feast for the eyes.

    The Japanese anime influence is expected to continue for bridesmaids with short saccharine sweetness in a sanitorum froth of ruffles and pink cotton candy chiffon.

    Expect color combinations to be every color of the rainbow in a “Wizard of Oz” salute to the golden journey down the aisle. I don’t recall the rainbow being so pointy in that film.

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