• SPORTS: Are they too homoerotic for your son?

    June 13, 2011 5:53 pm 27 comments
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  • Yesterday at church one of the younger mothers came up to me and told me about her young son. His father has been forcing him to play sports this year at school, but he doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. The child is worried about having to go to various sports camps this summer, instead of Vacation Bible School, Bible Camp and 4H camp. The boy doesn’t like playing these sports as they make him uncomfortable, especially when they are made to shower together in a common area. This got me thinking.

    Sports are rather homo erotic. Men playing with balls, sweating, working out, showering together, tackling each other. Not only that, but it takes away time from much more worth while activities such as bible study or church services. Even good Christian men get overly wrapped up in sports instead of looking to the Good Lord for guidance, just look at many of the recent articles on Christwire for example. In the last week there have been an article on wrestling, several on basketball and one on the NFL. Many of the sports have games on Sunday and take away from the specialness of Gods day. Does God want you reflecting on his majestic creation or reflecting on why the Pacers didn’t get that last touch down, or why the Red Skins didn’t make that Basket at the last second?

    We’re talking real football not that european/mexican nonsense. American Football is possibly the most homosexual sounding sport there is; With terms like End Zone, Tight End, Touch Back, Touchdown, Wide receivers, and long snapper! Great U.S. President Ronald Reagan, even commented on the contact of the sport:
    “Football is the last thing left in civilization where men can literally fling themselves bodily at one another…”
    Even the Gipper thought it was gay!
    The sport involves a man holding the ball and the quarterback holding the first mans balls, and by balls I mean testicles not the actual football. When the quarterback snaps the mans balls he releases the football to the guarterback who throws it to a “receiver” who then runs towards the “end zone” unless he is tackled by another man. This tackling involves throwing the man with the ball to the ground. Sometimes groups tackle the man and they form a writhing mass until the umpire separates them!

    There is a lot of physical contact in this sport with all the “touching” and “ends” and “tight” things. The game is over when the time runs out, the team with the most “touch downs” wins. The players then retire to the communal showers to relieve theirselves of the sweat, grit and grime.

    During the season this game takes up much of a man’s life. High School games are on Friday, college on Saturday and professional on Sunday and even Monday night. That is 4 out of 7 days of the week including the holy day of Sunday that is set apart special to celebrate the Lord. I have to say, I know this “sport” is a traditional and proud Hallmark of our glorious nation but can we really keep sacrificing our beloved children to this “sport”?

    Known as Soccer in the US, or as anyone who isn’t American call’s it, football, is universally called “gay” in the US. Although there is little contact in the game, and consists of men running back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and back and forth for…how ever long the game goes. Little is known about soccer in the United States. Statistics show that 90% of US soccer fans speak Spanish, and that the other 10% are Eurotrash or Eurotrash wanna be’s.

    If your unsure as to whether you want to play or if your willing to have your child play this sport please review the following pictures I found on the internet:

    Can there be any question as to whether this sport is the realm of homosexuals now?

    Considered America’s past time, there is little homoerotic contact, and no homo erotic terms. But the base system has been usurped by fornicators to describe which level of sin they have managed to commit with cheap Whorelots.Despite there “innings” sounding vaguely dirty and the headline below, this sport which is incredibly boring to watch is probably the best bet for your son to not be anally violated before college. It is also played mostly on weekday afternoons, so it only interferes with school work, so it has little effect on your soul.

    Basketball was a glorious sport up into the 1960’s when it was sullied by the Harlem Globetrotters who ruined it. The Globetrotters made a mockery of the game, and taught new generations of “people” to not take it seriously. Since then such actions as seen below are common place as it is typical to see testicle on face (aka Tea Bagging)action often. I am afraid that it is another sport that you should keep your child away from, If not for the sexual confusion but for the health reasons. It has been proven that 85% of all US Basketball fans have a diet high in fried chicken and grape drink, and 45% die from gun shot wounds. It is primarily played on weekday evenings, so it interferes only with school and work performance, so it has little effect on your soul, other than the tea bagging of course.

    Do you want that to be your son? With a face full or hand full of black balls?

    Hockey was jointly developed by Communist Russia and French Canada, after World War I. It is played by grown men who ice skate. They chase around a puke, back and forth, back and forth, much like the tediousness of Soccer. Hockey is such a stupid game even mexicans and africans do not play it!

    In Prison you don’t want to drop the soap, in hockey you don’t drop the puke

    These are but the most popular US sports. As you can see they are a sinful lot, with questionable morals and dubious physical exercise potential. I think the time of young boys (and older MEN as well) would be better spent studying the bible and learning at religious sanctioned private schools then in muddy fields playing with balls. But as the old saying goes, “boys will be boys”, I swear as much as I beat my children they never seemed to want to put their noses into the bible as much as I wanted them too. I fear that my grand children and subsequint great grand children have not faired much better, at the education of the lord.

    So, perhaps some sports are OK with the lord. My recommendation would be baseball as it seems to be the most wholesome of the lot. Perhaps if there is enough interest I could write another article highlighting some less popular sports and their impact on today’s youth, such as bull riding, or motor sports. Until then I will wish you peace with the Lord, Amen!

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