• Super E. Coli. It Will Kill You Dead.

    June 5, 2011 3:49 am 26 comments
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    Pandamonium ravages the Chinese countryside today as the Super E. Coli superbug makes the Asian nation a bloodbath of despair and chaos, the likes of which not seen since the Bubonic plague!

    With Europe already under the death cloak of destructive damnation, Chinese officials fear the worse a startling 74% of their nearly 2 billion population do not have access to sanitary measures to prevent a quick spread of this deadly new pathogen.

    Super E. coli has no weakness. A mutated form of gut bacteria, Super E. coli is well familiar with the humanity’s 6,000 year-old defense mechanism.

    Fear and panic tears through the hearts of millions, as home after home in both Europe and Asia are marked with black paint upon the door, indicating the abode has been gripped by the cold, paltry hands of infectious blood death disease.

     =>  The Death of Ancient Civilization:  A New Plague, Super Ecoli on Sky News 

     Experts at the Robert Koch institute report terrifying news.  The disease can spread through hundreds of homes in a fortnight, if not several dozen neighborhoods per day.

    By this time next week, the deadly pathogen can travel across the ocean and rip through the heart of America.

    You and your family can die.  Your children, stuck in their rooms with high fevers and blood curdling coughs, and you will not be able to help, for the disease has a baffling 34% death rate for all adults over 25 years of age.  The death rate doubles as age doubles.  Your children will be left to fend for themselves.

    It is the same death spread as seen with the Bubonic plague.

    There is no stopping E. coli in its superbug form.  No medicine can break its cell wall aprt.  No amount of heat can denature its proteins.  It is now being called “The Bacterial Angel of Death” and it is shrouded in a helacious coat of black sable soot from hell.  There is no stopping this new plague and we must ask, is our civilization on the brink of destruction?

    The Bubonic plague nearly wiped out Europe and now the E. coli plague may wipe out the world. 

    While vampires were to blame for the Bubonic plague, we must again ask if some sort of morbid blood letting ritual is responsible for this pathogen?  Was it a new breed of vampires, addicted to the Twilight movies?

    This theory is plausible and our only hope may be to destroy all literature involving vampires once more.  It worked to end the Bubonic plague and it must be enacted again, lest you wish your child to be coughing on night and when you stagger to their room in a bloody, festering sweat of pus and tears, your stinging face witnesses them cough so hard their little lungs come flying from their mouths, the compression of the lungs you see through your blurry, crusted eyes, as their little voices eeps out “Help me momma”.

    “Help me poppa”.

    Will we help outselves?  Who is to know.  This disease scares you to death and you do not want to lose your life or your family.  Stand strong and be ready to do what it takes to fight this bug.  The alternative is suffering, pain and great death for all of us.

    Beware and be well, friends, as we endure.  Beware and be well, for the death knoll shall be coming to us all soon.

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