• The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: A Festival of Sin

    June 9, 2011 6:01 pm 29 comments
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  • Almost 20 years ago the great American, Johnny Carson retired from late night TV. In his absence a civil war erupted between Jay Leno and David Letterman. Jay Leno with his good looks and conservative values won the day and the job. Creepy Letterman was left to sulk away to CBS. This new dynamic allowed unsavory types to move into hosting their own shows, like the Blacks (Arsenio), Irish (Conan), and even Mexicans (I forget his name, you know who I am talking about).

    Here’s Johnny

    Letterman took his new found fame at CBS and created a show even worse, and more degenerate than his own, at least when he wasn’t committing adultery by fornicating with his own employees. He first launched this abomination to morals in 1995. The show went though two hosts before settling with a Scottish immigrant known as Craig Ferguson.

    Any one unlucky enough to have watched this show knows that it is an endless parade of sin filled filth. There are potty mouthed hand puppets, a homosexual robot that endlessly talks about “balls” and thing that are “in your pants”. There are short musical lip sync numbers, prancing man horses, shirtless midgets, and crew members dressed in S&M outfits; followed by the filthy mouth of Ferguson himself. Let’s dissect this show piece by piece.

    Act like an American and cinch up the tie!

    Craig Ferguson
    Ferguson was born 17 May 1962 in Glasgow, Scotland but was raised in Cumbernauld. Although Scottish-born, is considered a naturalized American, having became a citizen of the United States in 2008. He is an admitted alcoholic and a druggie, has multiple tattoos and is a fan of English science fiction star Dr. Who. Although he is married (twice divorced) and has children, he often alludes to homosexual acts, especially with his co-host Geoff Peterson. He often closes interviews by urging guests to have an awkward moment with him, partake in his mouth organ or to touch his ball.

    Geoff Peterson
    Unlike most shows that chose to hire actual live people, the job of co-host has been “out sourced” to a robot. And may I say not a very good robot. Peterson was created by Grant Imahara. Who is a noted homosexual Asian, when not creating robots for his own nefarious amusement, or debunking religious values on his offensive television show Mythbusters.

    Peterson and Imahara hinting at possible robosexual relations

    Peterson is a robot skeleton sidekick for Ferguson, his debut was April 5, 2010. He has glowing satanic blue eyes, a metal mohawk and has his name on a tag from The Price is Right. He was “upgraded” in July 2010, allowing him to shake his head, keep his mouth open, and use his right hand to perform what looks like a sexual act! On April 14, 2011 they filmed a skit in Las Vegas that featured Ferguson, Geoff Peterson, Carrot Top, Grant Imahara, Donny Osmond, a leprechaun, Secretariat (the show’s trained horse), using “hallucinogenic frozen custard,” going to strip clubs, and ended in a wedding of Ferguson and the robot!

    Ferguson and Peterson mock holy Christmas

    This is not the first time that a homosexual relationship has been hinted at on the show. Ferguson often talks about the sinful antics that go on behind the scenes. There is open talk of the robots homosexual promiscuity. The robot often says very rude things such as “balls” and “in your pants”. He often interrupts guests with his rude talk. Many guests do not like Peterson. Recently Don Cheadle described Peterson as “the most disturbing thing I have ever seen”.

    Hand Puppets have never been used before in the history of late night television. Why? Because the shows are on LATE because they are not intended for children. Shows on that late are usually filthy and offensive. This show even more than others. It is obvious that Ferguson is trying to lure in young viewers with his disgustingly pornographic puppets and warp their fragile little minds.

    There’s nothing gay about puppets!

    Wavy the crocodile puppet is supposedly from The Great State of Louisiana, and is a Cajun accented fornicator that lures in female puppets and talks seductively to female guests. Sid the rabbit is a filthy mouthed rabbit from England. The smut that comes from this puppet’s mouth is on a level that has never been seen before in history.

    Filthy smut mouthed puppet in this link

    For centuries the musical has been a popular recruitment tool for homosexuals. This show luckily uses them sparingly. Usually for this act Ferguson brings out several staffers, dressed up as well as a plethora of puppets to lip sync to a song.

    Lesbian Row
    The show even has a special row of seating for lesbians, so that they have a “front row seat” for the depravity that is the show. Ferguson often makes special note of the lesbians, showing them for all of the world to see. This popularization of their lifestyle, of licking each other’s sin muffins is terrifying to modern conservative Christians.

    Sid the Rabbit puppet berates this normal woman for sitting in “Lesbian Row”.

    The Midget
    Ferguson also uses a midget…short person…whatever you’re supposed to call them, to further denigrate viewers. The Midget often dressed up as a Leprechaun or as cupid. He is often seen bare chested, with his porky rotund belly hanging out. Why does Ferguson feel the need to dehumanize and debase this poor handicapped man? Just for cheap laughs.

    Cheap Laughs and Sin
    That is what the show is about. This show is a mockery of humanity. It popularizes the worst things about humanity. And worse yet, it has 1.7 million viewers! Don’t become one of them, or your very soul may be at jeopardy.

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