• The She Devil Amongst Us

    June 18, 2011 11:46 pm 169 comments
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  • As Christians we know that the devil is always two steps behind us. Waiting for us to screw up and stop listening to our better Christian Nature. But did you know there is a demon in our mist?

    The sinful whorelot known as Claire has been posting sinful and disgusting things about the holy members of this site since 2008. She is one of the earliest members from what I understand. Many of us have accepted her open armed with a sweet Christian hug into our family of Christ. Yet she repeatedly slaps our open hands and curses us.

    One of our Brothers in Christ, Bruce Danus even recently took Claire as his wife.

    But she continues to berate him in this public online forum. She insults him and calls him very rude things. She even has the audacity to question male members of this site on matters of Christ, a matter (much as most others)that she has no clue about.

    Even worse is that she is leading other women astray from the true message of Christ. Members such as Shannon, L.N., Nogalina, and Mainiac45 look at her as a leader of their evil Anti-Christ/wire movement.

    Below are some of the more horrendous insults that Claire has made to many of the members here over the last few months. I hope that people will read these and realize what a vile hateful individual she is and will realize that when she has nothing else better to say she insults, she is as mean and hateful and racist as she claims anyone else to be.

    Strong parental discretion is advised. As always, when speaking with Claire prepare to be offended by rude and offensive language. Please send all women and children away from the monitor.

    “Remind me again why your husband committed suicide?”

    “shouldn’t you be whacking off to the sight of your elderly neighbors having sex?”

    “You’re just upset that your Alzheimer’s is getting worse and that just this morning you got lost in WalMart with your pants off.”

    “I hope someone sells your grandchildren to a Chinese restaurant.”

    “Too bad you didn’t die giving birth, whore.”

    “If I had to choose between marrying Popanator or Bruce I’d pick Popanator at the drop of a hat.” (Popanator is a fecal bandit poop eater/ sodomite who posts here sometimes)

    “Hopefully the fact that I’d rather marry a fecalphiliac would make him kill himself.”

    And you need to lose weight, Bruce. Have you found your penis yet? Do you even have one anymore, or has it basically assimilated into the rest of your fat?

    Sorry Captain, but Bruce’s turtle retreated into its shell about ten years ago and hasn’t poked its head out since. It doesn’t even come out of his fat when he urinates. It’s basically a crap shoot when he goes to the bathroom. He can’t sit down to urinate because the toilet isn’t big enough, but when he stands up there’s no telling which way the urine will go. Sometimes it basically sprays all over the place, but usually it just dribbles down his fat, sort of like one of those mini rock waterfalls. It’s quite tragic and I personally think he should just be put down.

    Tell that to Bruce. He’s the one who’s been fucking his mom’s corpse for the past five years. Trust me, he keeps her under his dining room table. Not even in a box or anything, just sprawled out under the table.

    Right…never mind the fact that I’ve been watching porn since I was 11, own four realistic dildos
    And yes, porn at 11. My best friend and I would watch it together. It was quite fun but we really didn’t understand exactly why our private parts began to feel like they were throbbing. We didn’t understand what “horny” was – we just thought that we had to pee really badly! But why does it matter? I may masturbate but at age 20 I have yet to have sexual contact

    I should blame your Alzheimer’s. You can’t help it that your brain looks like Swiss cheese and you have sex with your next-door neighbor because you think that he’s your deceased husband, or that yesterday you walked into the post office with a loaded shotgun because you thought they were trying to sell your house.

    you chauvinistic dipshit.

    I did not say you look like a donkey’s ass. I asked if either one or both of your parents was a donkey. Before that I said that you looked like an orangutan who had a stroke.

    But now that you mention it, you do look like a donkey’s ass. That’s an insult to a donkey’s ass, though.

    anybody who’s not white deserves all the mean words I can dish out.

    Go fuck your mother, you inbred freak.

    Too bad your mom didn’t succeed with that hanger.

    Adam, go play in traffic.

    Thai food is fucking awesome!

    Must you be such a dickhole?

    I’m glad to have small breasts. Large ones just seem like such a hindrance.

    I also don’t give a shit whether or not I can have children. I’ve never liked kids. They’re obnoxious and they say weird things.

    …I masturbate more than once a day. I rubbed the ol’ nubbin this morning so masturbatory material won’t be necessary until at least tomorrow.

    You couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant.

    Those pictures are FUCKING AWESOME!

    How about you fuck off?

    …you are practically ejaculating to the thought of kitty cats getting put to sleep

    Your hand is probably covered in semen at this moment. You’re the kind of sick fuck who probably watches “crush videos” online and rubs out knuckle children while watching them.

    How would you like me to skin your balls?

    My cats are indoor cats. They are only allowed outside supervised and are not allowed outside of the yard… Also, my cat Tasha (the one in my profile pic) is very territorial and, if allowed to roam free, would beat the crap out of every cat living in the neighborhood.

    I’m sitting at home, on the couch, watching the X-Files. And if you’re creeped out that people may be stalking you, then you deserve it. You made your bed – now you have to lie in it.

    you must be the creepiest-looking guy in the world.

    Yeah, but we’re not married, you old skank.

    Shouldn’t you be giving handjobs to the homeless guys who live next to the Deli?

    So you’re just a raging hypocrite, Adam, and I would not hesitate to decapitate you if given the chance.

    How many bong hits did you take today, Bitcham?

    Go suck a cock, Beech.


    I don’t give a goddamn what you think my role in life is. Have you forgotten that I use your holy book to wipe my ass? Perhaps YOU should take a look in the mirror, and realize that your microscopic dick and testicles were designed to impregnate females, not to pursue a career in medicine. If you’re truly concerned about “god’s” plan for human beings, perhaps you should put down that scalpel and find a woman ASAP to put your seed into.

    mark my words, any man who I see walking around with a sign that says “Adam Nelson from Christwire” will be lying in a bloody mass on the ground.

    it’s okay for men to rape women in order to impregnate them. Because that’s all women are good for, isn’t it, us being mindless, inferior “incubators” and all?

    I will do whatever the fuck I want to do with my life, fuckwad.

    Studies suggest that the older the father gets, the greater the chance of birth defects, cumbucket.

    Have I not made it clear that I hate your guts because you are a sexist motherfucker who views females as inferior and good for nothing but making babies? Have I not made it clear that just because I don’t want some guy’s smelly dick inside of me doesn’t mean that I am or will become a lesbian? Have I not made it clear that I hope you get sodomized by a horse?
    ….My dad would hunt you down and make you wish you were never born. He would most likely arrange for an encounter between you and that horse I mentioned earlier.

    assfucks like Adam need to be put in their place, goddamn it.

    It’s also a good time to bring up the fact that you stick your guinea pig up your ass every night before you go to bed. Why do you do this, Blanche?

    I am afraid that I could go on and on listing the horrible, hurtful and insulting words that this demon has posted on this website. Many of you will tell her that these things are funny and that you support her. REALLY?

    Do you support the many terroristic threats that she has made towards Dr. Nelson? People go to jail for the things she has written!

    She has even written fraudulent things about him such as this.
    If you doubt that she has written these things then I urge you to click in the search bar in the upper right hand side and type in Claire and read for yourself.

    And to make the case against her even worse, Claire is actively seeking to cheat on her beloved husband by posting dating videos online suggesting that she is “single”. Sure “Debbie” or “Claire” or “Beelzebub” the world knows you by many names…but WE know what you are!

    youtube video:

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