• Top 6 Ways To Spot A Satanic Witch

    June 24, 2011 9:10 pm 284 comments
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  • “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.”
    Deuteronomy 18:10

    “Suffer not a witch to live.”
    Exodus 22:18

    The US hasn’t had a witch trial in almost 305 years, as our nation has become lax about God’s command to rid ourselves of their scourge. Unfortunately with this lax attitude our nation is becoming over run with them. Pagans or wiccans, or more properly Satanists, are everywhere. They are in your government, teaching your children in schools and sacrificing chickens in a house somewhere in your neighborhood right now.

    Today many Christians are clamoring for information on how to protect themselves from this evil scourge. I have compiled a list of the top 6 ways to notice and realize this menace to society.

    The devil pentagram


    Witches wear clothes the same color as their soul…BLACK. They also like to die their hair black, Although some will dye they’re hair a bright red.

    Why black? Witches practice magic, witch is commonly referred to as “the black arts”. They claim to worship many gods and goddesses, but in truth worship but one “god”…SATAN!!! This “god” has many names, but is commonly shown as a goat faced monstrosity with cloven hooves and horns. Who does that sound like to you? Oh I don’t know, could it beSATAN!!!

    Any claims that they do not worship Satan is surely a sign that they are most certainly lying to you, and as soon as they go back to their dark coven of fellow lesbians and emo-sexual males, they will create a voodoo doll of you and do unspeakable acts, poking said doll in every fold imaginable. The next morning you awaken and feel unclean, but will be unsure as to why.

    The pentagram of the apprentice


    The pentagram is a star found inside of a circle. Witches use this sign to identify theirselves to other witches, much as homosexuals use the rainbow to beckon others to join with them. There are several versions of this occult sign. New comers to this “religion” use a pentagram with two points facing down, they tell themselves and others that this does not mean Satan. More experienced witches become aware of the true meanings of the religion and come to realize that they have been worshiping Satan all along. The advanced witches use a pentagram with the two points facing up, signifying Satan’s horns. Jewish witches use a Star of David inside a circle as their sign. Emosexual male witches use a pentagram with two rounded points facing up.

    The emosexual pentagram


    Many ChisTwire articles have been written about the evils of tattoos, http://christwire.org/2011/06/what-your-tramp-stamp-says-about-you as many devilish groups prefer to adorn themselves with evil marks of the beast. Witches are no different. Many older witches chose to tattoo theirselves with pentagrams instead of buying a pentagram necklace like the common teen aged curious witch. They also are partial to tattoos of vines, hearts, Gaelic symbols and rainbows since most are lesbians.


    Another major topic of sin at Christwire that we like our readers to be aware of, are the evils of the feline. For centuries people have known that cats are typically familiars for witches. Familiars are demon spirits that take cat form and give witches mystical powers like not drowning when being dunked while bound into water. Today’s cat craze of lolcats and other feline silliness is indicative of the sins of these far reaching witches.

    Sure it looks cute now but wait until your teenaged daughter is standing over you with a ritual blade.

    Collage Education

    Many witches are actually well educated. Although many witches are not able to enter into the most esteemed institutions of higher learning, they do get “valuable” educations from smaller local collages. Many of these schools are trade schools, junior collages, traditional women’s schools (i.e. lesbian) and some nursing schools. If your tattooed cat owning teen wants to attend one of these schools it may already be to late for her.


    It is a simple fact, witches are whorelots. As they do not have the traditional values as we do, and are willing lesbians, they are open to many various and a sundry sexual acts and like to have those acts often. Many of their sinful magical spells call for male procreative juices. Witches will retrieve these juices by any means necessary. Sometimes these women will double team a man, and convince him to fornicate with both of them. They will collect these fluids from the man by hand, mouth, or either sin hole. Once these juices are collected by the various means, the man is usually cast aside, in some instances they become regular and willing donors to the witches boiling cauldron.

    Boil,boil, toil and trouble. Witches will do anything for your seed

    Remember witches, as all of Satan’s demons, must be met with the “good fight” of the christian believer. Now I do not recommend actual violence against a witch as you must obey the laws of the land, but a good “bible thumping” never heart anyone, in fact…it has saved many!!!

    Lady GAGA music video set to actual footage of a witch trial
    in case the link fails http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8onMJT7Os6g&feature=player_embedded

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