• True Blood Season 4 Will Turn Your Little Sweetheart Into A Blood Sacrifice Twilight Vampire

    June 26, 2011 7:40 am 31 comments
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  • True Blood is what happens when a viagra-toking Hugh Heffner is given directorial power over the casts of Twilight and Girls Gone Wild.  The show is a musty mix of vampire folklore, underaged blood orgies and gyrating bodies swearing and pounding each other all hours of the night, to raucous raver music and sexually induced fecal wizards.

    If that creates a confusing scene of sin in your mind, good. Because this is what True Blood is all about.  It is no better than a sex swap party at a Jonny on the Job at Woodstock.  This television show is very foul and it is no surprise that it can only be aired on a perverse channel like HBO.


    Season 4, Episode 1 – The Darkest Vampire

    The fourth season of True Blood started off like all the rest, with nasty screen displays of sharp toothed harpies penetrating each other and no regard for gender is apparent.

    In this scene, we see the “dark” vampire Shadownight is introduce and immediately uses his very dark power to corrupt the two ‘good’ vampires on the show, Sookie Stackhaus and Arlen Meyer.  Arlene, the one tied down and being turned over to Satan, started out as a farm boy from Kansas on the series.

    As he was tending to his wheatfields one fall morning, a strong gust of wind and dark clouds suddenly appeared over his farm.  The eyes of Satan were seen and a homosexual encounter crossover took place as Edward Cullen, from the Twilight movies, made a cameo.  He bit the boy to weaken him and then turned him over to Arlo, the lead homosexual vampire on the series.

    Arlo bit Arlen on the neck and over the last three years, has seduced him to also be a part of the cult homosexual vampires on the show.  This is integral to the show’s main theme, which is that it is normal to wear black, spiky clothes and to cut your friends and drink their blood while swapping DNA in sweaty sex routines.  You see this playing out above and that is all this show is really about:  homosexual anal docking, blood martinis and one sex scene after the other.  It is rated PG, meaning the show’s creators allegedly believe anyone over 13 can watch.

    True Blue Season 4 Episode 2:  Lesbian Vampire Temptations

    In this terrifying episode, lesbian vampires learn that The Darkest Vampire has made a return from the dead.  Scared that he may be gaming for the Lesbian Vampire Queen, they make their move to quickly recruit a new army for his oncoming onslaught of tight barrel chested gay vampires.

    With such little plot, the episode jumps to what the series is known for:

    Becki has shocked Sookie’s sister one night, using her devil’s power to disguise her true voice.  With her guard down, Belladonna is captured and put under a vampire’s spell.

    You may notice that your children at home are wearing dark clothing or listening to loud, Satanic music where a man with a gruffed voice is screaming over guitars and weird noises.  This is a clear sign that your child is possessed by this ‘vampire culture’ and if they have not already done it, they will try to participate in a vampire orgies at their friend’s home.

    It always starts the same way.  The kids will meet up for ‘movie night’ at a friend’s home where the parents are not there.  They will find a way to illegally buy alcohol, clam sauce and mix in tomatoe juice, making a drink they call “Clamtomato Blood” or it’s street name, “Tiger’s Blood”.  One of the children will take it into a closed bathroom and close their eyes, saying “Blood Mary” three times and turning in circles.  This invites Satan into the drink mix and allows his demon Queen Mary II to infest the alcoholic drink with inebriating spirits.

    From there, the children all drink from the devil’s cauldron and lose their minds, giving into temptations.  Soon, all clothing is removed and they gyrate all over each other like a pit of slithering snakes, poison venom being shot everywhere and even within as they squirm and squirt in orgasmic release.  This is what happens at 73% of all sorority parties now across the nation, now that we are allowing the Twilight and Harry Potter movies to exist.

    This show is even worse though, in this episode, the sexualized recruitment agenda continues:

    After a girl is bit by one of the vampires, even a pure blonde hair turns black with sin.  You can see Belladonna about to be converted here and they play cheerful music, so college girls will want to join in and have secret lesbian romps after this television show gets them all sexually excited in the confusing experimental hours of night.

    Fortunately, this season is only to its third episode and it remains nameless, but these preview images were shown and this is all the more reason for you fathers to forbid your daughters from watching this program.  To test if they are using it, sign into Yahoo Chat and text mesage your daughter like this:

    BLOODWHORE54 (really you):  lol sweetheart, I am loving true blood!  do you watch it!

    Your Daughter:  Who are you?  I am not supposed to talk to strangers online.

    BLOODWHORE54 (really you):  I heard that you like True Blood so that makes us best friends and we should throw an orgy this weekend!

    Now if your daughter has been watching this show, she will say yes and get excited because she is already brainwashed.  Pull her out of school, have her exorcised and when she is mentally stable after weeks of counseling, let her enroll in a local junior college where you can keep an eye on her.

    Now, next week on this whore show:

    That is a production still from a new vampire they are introducing.  If that is not bad enough:

    Terrifying.  Just let that image soak in your eye, then imagine the horror your daughter is going to face when she sees it.  Your son too.  True Blood.  It is a devil’s cauldron mix of brainwashing vampire talk that will make your kids throw blood badger fists in each other’s anal slots, is that what you really want college to be all about to them?  Good luck crying at the funeral when your child dies from Aid rabies, you idiot parents who do not BAN THIS SHOW NOW.

    TV SHOW:  True Blood

    MORAL RATING:  SS (Severely Sinister) for – blood orgies, Wiccan death chants, Satanism, evolution agenda, corrupting children, homogay agenda, global warming agenda, shoddy acting, too long musical numbers, blood knives, gothic raver culture praise, urban violence, nudity


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