• Tupac Shakur and Osama bin Laden Release Post Humous Death Rap Tape, Terrorize Suburban Families with Lyrics

    June 17, 2011 6:58 pm 38 comments
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  • Neither one of them is dead. Bill Clinton lied the first time he claimed we were one less scary black down, and then Obama. The Democrats.

    Tupac Amaru Shakur is not an American name! It sounds Muslim so it must be. Just like Barack Hussein Obama! Just like Fidel Castro! Just like Stephan Colbert! There are French Muslims, so check your own facts before you try to tell me it’s not foreign Arab! Look at this shocking video report!


    The footage in this video shows notorious terror leader Osama bin Laden dancing around and having a party, even though Barack Obama claimed he was dead. How is this possible without a White House coverup?

    Then if that is not bad enough, we see Osama and Tupac have already met up. We reported on Tupac still being alive months ago and now we see they are starting a new rap scene of ‘Jihad Jivin’ which is black Muslim for picking an endless struggle of turning your daughter into a little belly dancing devil whore. Look at these full lyrics of a song they remixed:

    Still 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

    Osama: (Blow that up T) – Osama is telling T (Tupac) to start singing

    Ahhh Osama, you done pissed Bush off now
    Ain’t nuttin’ but a gangsta party, (nuttin means nothing in proper American)
    You done put two of America’s
    most wanted terrorists in the same
    motherfrackin’ jihad heaven,
    at the same mother f*cking jihad time?

    Osama: Not even the goddamn boy wonder groping Batman,
    can derkarang me down now T,
    My black homie Tupac, tell them how roll my fool

    Tupac: Word up,

    Bob Ross, paint a perfect picture
    of Tupac and Osama respresentin like jigga niggas’,
    with the O-S-O M A, my sandy homay,
    you know that fool will never eat a hog,

    Osama: Sho nuff, I keep my hand my beard, cuz they got me on the run,
    Just descended from Afghan and now I’m waitin on the outcome,
    Free Saddam, is blowin’ through my mind,
    You fools didn’t believe Obama is a friend of mine,
    Glenn Beck was right all along, while Stewart and Colbert got defensive and sh*t,
    now George Bush and Cheney cannot touch this sh*t!

    Tupac: Terror steppin’, jihad bringin’, suburban daughter bangin’,
    gun slangin’, derka lurkin’, give me that damn chicken’,
    cuz all yo stereotypes of us niggas, is all finga lickin’,
    good cause for our terror recruitin’ sangin,

    Osama: Sho nuff, You hate your president named Obama because he’s blackarino,
    You pissing off the squinty Asian eyes of every Chino,
    and um, I think I’m friends with a black leada’,
    Obama, Osama, Tupac and Castro are old school g tweakas,

    Tupac: Now follow as we riiiiide
    we coming to your big az houses on the Westside!
    Dub rollin’ from Cuba and Mecca, and Compton to the MaliBu,
    Boooga booga booga fingers jerkin we gonna get you!
    Brown skin terrorz, striking fear in your heart,
    be careful your scared ass pants don’t catch a shart,

    You been wonderin’ for years if I am dead or not,
    heh, well, don’t worry about that my friends,
    I’ll always be in your heart,
    You just keep my music real and never forget,
    Tupac and Osama are old school gangsta’ sh*t,

    Jyeah, we may be dirty, but only cuz y’all niggaz was dirty to us first,
    2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

    I am as outraged us Dudson right now and we see the Homegrown Brown Terror menace is a bigger threat than ever before. Never mind the fact that we caught Obama and Osama having jolly camel tongue time years ago in Arabia, tonight there is an even bigger threat.

    Satan’s favorite way to whisper to youth’s today is loud rap music. You hear black people with their old rattly cars and speakers in the back, getting ready to shake the thing apart. You cringe and cover your ears because the African boom boom drums are too loud and ruin your logic with headaches! But behind those booms, Satan whispers to the ears of our youth.

    There are lyrics about smoked drugs and how your daughter should dangle her sally to every gang banger she sees. Satan wants her to be a little banged up trollop and get on Obamacare so he can drown all of us in food stamp debt! Eery American household no owes some $500,000 and now Osama is hiding in some Chinese takeout apartment in Georgia! I am scared and angered at the same time!

    The granddaddy of them all, Osama bin Laden, he is still alive. The worst gangster of them all walks amongst us and that is why Barack Osama refused to share us the photo! In the receding report, I proved they is all still alive, and a danger unto us all. Scary! Scary.

    Be scared, parents! Be scared. We will continue to report as more details emerge.

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