• Twilight Eclipse Causes 11-Year-Old Boy To Break Teacher’s Nose

    June 5, 2011 1:56 am 12 comments
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  • The evil influence of the Twilight movie series has taken to the classroom, as now an 11-year-old child has broken his teacher’s nose.

    Twilight is a dangerous movie about vampire blood rituals, where rebellious attitude and flippant attitude toward authority is encouraged.

    The newest movie, Twilight Eclipse, expands focus on a target audience by reaching out for the hard-to-reach male 10-18 year-old cohort, a grouping that has pocket money and filmmaker J.R.K. Tolkien states, ‘will be our blood money’.

    Shock ripped through Adelanto, California, as a primary haunt for vampire Cullen family in the Eclipse movie, San Bernadino County, became a source of true, evil bloodshed.

    As reported by the town’s flabbergasted journalists:

    According to sheriff’s officials, the child refused to move when instructed by the teacher and yelled vulgar language at her. Eventually the 11-year-old got up and punched the teacher in the nose, breaking it. No one else was injured in the assault.

    Deputies and rescuers were called to the school to treat the injured woman and to investigate the assault.

    The teacher was taken to a local hospital. The child was arrested for assault with injuries and was taken to the High Desert Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center.

    This tragedy comes on the dawn of another Twilight release, much as seen when a young, innocent child last year decided to bite 11 classmates after watching Twilight.  The moovie is so bloody and violent that it makes children go rabid in madness.

    The shocked school officials released a statement:

    “There was an incident that took place at the Adelanto Community Day School,” Christine McGrew, spokeswoman for the county Superintendent of Schools, said. “At this time, my understanding is that the teacher’s nose is broken.”

    Twilight Eclipse is a movie that tells the story of Edward Cullen, a wayward vampire who sparkles in the sunlight and flies in the face of traditional vampire lore and history, where vampires are actually creatures of the dark.

    Students who are on “Team Edward” engage in bad behavior so they can go to day schools, much like the one where this violence transpired. It is a cult trend that is sweeping the nation and our teachers are in danger of being attacked by these students under the movie’s influence.

    If you teenager wants to see Twilight, forbid it. These day schools are for rough customers and are breeding grounds for bad behavior.

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