• Wal-mart Decision – The US Supreme Court Affirms The Bible – Women Are 77% as Capable As Men.

    June 29, 2011 7:36 pm 43 comments
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    In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court confirmed what Christians have long known; women are better suited to home and hearth and do not have the capacity or skills to take jobs from men.

    The U.S. Supreme Court in Wal-Mart v. Dukes decided the largest workplace discrimination case in history. And men, who rightly carry the mantle of Jesus on earth, won. The plaintiffs (all women by the way, and I suspect that NOW and other femi-nazis had them worked up in a lather) claimed that they had been illegally denied pay and promotions and were forced to take “sex discrimination” whatever that is.

    This stunning victory against liberal ideology and “women’s studies” show what a Christian nation can accomplish to keep the nuclear family whole. The decision, which was unanimous, points out a disturbing trend however – for which we must work diligently to correct. Wal-Mart in fact is paying women on average between 85 and 96% of what men earn. That is an abomination against which we must fight.

    The lawsuit on behalf of 1.5 million woman who worked for Wal-Mart claimed that there was a secret handshake that got men promoted to positions over women and that they were told to get “dolled up” in order to be noticed. These hussies were told in no uncertain terms by the Supreme Court that they cannot sue.

    But the Supreme Court can only do so much. Of course a woman’s place is in the home. She should not aspire to be a man, as that is a sin. And coveting the salary of a hard working man is an outrage.

    In our Christian community we have started a drive to roll back Wal-Mart to the proper 77% ratio, that way women will have an incentive to stay home and raise the children and do the other wifely duties asked for in the Bible.

    I know that many will cry, “what about the homolesbos and the people too unattractive to catch a man?” We truly believe that the power of prayer can help. If you cast out sin, you can attract a man to marry. If you pray diligently you can cast off the curse of morbid obesity, body odor, rickets and leprosy and attract a man. But if you insist on laughing in the face of God and violating the commandments to not covet your Brothers pay – you’ll just have to get “dolled up” like the harlot whores of Babylon and Gomorrah and take what Wal-Mart is willing to give you.

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