• Ways Women Undermine Happiness and Destroy Male Libido

    June 11, 2011 12:28 am 16 comments
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    Happiness is how we perceive what happens. In the sacred fulfillment of our Godly potential as wives and mothers, problems arise that challenge role perceptions and require careful solutions that respect the ‘Eve’ God wants us to be for our special ‘Adam’. The danger of misguided and selfish female behaviors is the emasculation of men, promotion of gay homosexuality and marriage infidelity.

    While researching frequently asked questions and news headlines for an upcoming seminar “Driving from the Backseat: Why Women are Responsible for Marriage Success” a distinct and ominous pattern began to emerge. Women will place their own feelings and needs above those of all others and try to usurp the role of men with the same rationale used by Arab terrorists. Women will wrap themselves in bomb vests of emotional strife, economic independence, sexual demands, sexual drought, territorial imperatives, and reproductive “freedom” with the intent to self destruct and concurrently destroy man’s confidence and leadership in the home. It all begins with the dating ritual.

    Lying to Online Suitors – If Loving Cats is Wrong, Debbie Don’t Wanna Be Right

    Warning signs may appear before a relationship even begins. Consider the dating video submitted by “Debbie”. Debbie thinks that her emotional connection to cats and concern for their well being is attractive to potential suitors. So much so she submitted this video to an online dating service.

    Debbie’s video is not without positives, but they only serve to drive home the hypocrisy of her message. She presents herself as attractive and willing in the video. The mere action of making herself vulnerable and open to a man’s attentions is venerable, but her ‘education’ gets the better of her. She showcases her breasts as high and pert for feeding future children – a dating must for many men. The problem with this video is that it is a COMPLETE FABRICATION!

    In reality, Debbie hired a video surrogate rather than presenting her true, albeit less attractive self. Unfortunately this backfired on Debbie. In a follow up report by a fellow female terrorist sympathizer, Debbie blames the failed single match on the man! All Christian men abhor lying women. A man that is lied to will high tail it to another country, yet this female grifter of men’s hearts is ‘surprised’ and seeks 15 minutes of local fame when her Romeo responses negatively to the realization she is not the attractive package promised. She has emasculated a man that believed her lies.

    Undermining the Marriage Trust

    Political affiliations aside, the dire warning of the Anthony Weiner tragedy is one every woman that truly loves her man should take into account. As a long time counselor for Christian couples and lauded expert on male sexuality and communication, I can attest to the validity of this information.

    Helpmates Know the LanguageThe fully erect and throbbing penis needs the same kind of attention and love every person needs. Men are not always good communicators of their feelings and emotional needs. Sometimes, the man organ will convey these feelings and needs in ways that cannot be outwardly expressed verbally. Heterosexual men are not big ‘feeling talkers’, perhaps as part of God’s plan. The penis will twitch or become weighty in times of crisis. If left unattended by the helpmate, the testes will release backed up blood toxins that target brain cells and behavioral synapse functions. A raw photograph, carelessly tweeted, can be the grim result of a twitchy penis.

    Mrs. Weiner clearly accepted the role of sex as an intimate expression of God’s love for the purposes of accepting babies, but she forgot the continuing needs of her husband. To be evenly yoked in marriage doesn’t mean she needs to work outside the home or pursue a career like her husband. She could have avoided this whole twitchy embarrassment by staying home and tending to the needs and confidence of her husband, rather than working and leaving time for his penis to hatch plans of twitter infamy.

    The Uneven Yoke – When Wives Withhold Sex

    When wives earn money outside the home or pursue careers, two other problems can arise that are far more diabolical than a twitchy penis. Many liberal and pseudo-science ‘experts’ will refer to frigidity and erectile dysfunction as psychological or sometimes physical symptoms of a bigger problem when only a very small percentage of those diagnosed actually have those issues.

    Frigidity can be ‘caused’ by a pouting wife. Like children, some women will withhold sexual congress with their husbands for the purpose of dominating the relationship or getting their way. The partner with the lower sex drive will always determine the frequency of sex, so it follows that the frigid partner calls the shots. ‘Fear’ of pregnancy is sometimes sited as a root cause, especially amongst working women that wish to compete with their husband and emasculate him into another man’s arms. The solution is for women to understand that sexuality and pregnancy are part of a healthy marriage and that being a helpmate means you never have a headache.

    The Unleavened Poke – When a Man’s Body Doesn’t Respond

    Women can also project problems onto the husband. A domineering woman can be the cause of erectile dysfunction. While many will site alcohol and diabetes as common causes of the problem, if she were cooking proper meals and not nagging him into a bottle, those problems wouldn’t become weeds in a beautiful garden.

    Good Wives'

    At the first sign of a limp issue, the actions of a power hungry wife can drive a man to gay homosexual behaviors. She might suggest mouth sex and slip a manicured, licked finger in his dirty hole during sex to try and stimulate his prostate. She might nag him to seek popular medications rather than review her own role in the problem. Embolden wives will also use lesbian strap on peckers, fat and slick- greased, to insert betwixt the cleft in a black wedding ritual of tears that reaches around the darkest fears of men. All these actions have the confidence crushing potential to make your husband gay. These are not effective or sustainable solutions to the problem and should not be considered part of a Christian marriage or path to recovery.

    Women need to stop trying to be masculine and start embracing the Eve within. Dressing nicely and preparing a hot meal of favorites is a good start. Keeping up with the laundry and inspecting his clothing weekly for mending is also good advice. Don’t interrupt him when he is talking. Always seek his opinions, but keep yours to yourself unless asked. Keeping your body in fit with daily calisthenics in that precious time between when you awake and begin preparing his breakfast is just good time management! Make sure your hygiene is impeccable so you are ready for him when he desires and most importantly – show him affection and praise! He might just sweep you off your feet!

    Real Men carry their helpmates across the finish linehttp://prestonlowe.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/5-common-mistakes-women-make-verbally-that-scare-men-off-hello-beautiful-what-do-you-think/

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