• Whites Finally Waking Up to Racism Against Whites

    June 9, 2011 5:32 pm 21 comments
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  • Ever since they took their equal rights from us, minorities have been on a crusade to get themselves more rights and preferences than whites. Thankfully, after many years of this going on under the table, recent studies are now showing that whites are aware of the ever-increasing amount of discrimination against them.

    Affirmative action programs run rampant across this country, and absolutely no good whites are eligible for them no matter how hard they work. I personally was rejected from over twenty university theological programs because of my white skin. Every white person who has ever applied to anything has been discriminated against, and since whites are proactive and always apply for things, 99% of white people have experienced discrimination. (The 1% are those who cannot apply for things because they are disabled or infirm, probably because of something a minority did to them.) By contrast, only 22% of blacks, 14% of Mexis, and 0% of Asians have ever experienced any racism.

    And yet, if you bring this up to overprivileged minorities, they will yell at you that you are racist. This stupid monkey yelling is something that only minorities are apparently “allowed” to do. Yelling at white people about how they are racist is the most racist thing of all. Would you yell at a black man for being racist? I think not. Obama is the most racist president in history, and yet no one will call him out on it. Under Obama’s rule, over ten million good Christian whites have been rejected from jobs that they earned and deserved, simply because of their skin color.

    Let’s look at who Obama has appointed to office. Eric Holder, a black man. Sonia Sotomayor, an atheist ageist Mexi. Elena Kagan, a lesbo. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot, there is one way to be white and still get ahead in America, and that is if you are a homogay. By making gayness the only way to be white and get a job, Obama is clearly trying to drive all whites into homo anus sin so we will stop reproducing and only minorities will run the world.

    The more sinister aspect to this is the discrimination against Christians. There are other forms of Christianity that are not white, but whites were the original Christians and all of the least corrupted versions of Christianity come from whites. Yes, the black people hollering in Baptist churches in Alabama are technically Christian, but it is the type of impure false hell anus Christianity Obama wants to spread. Look, watch what he does next, he will appoint an incoherent mad black woman from Atlanta to be comptroller of everything. Then watch out because that madwoman will try to kill all whites.

    How can we stop this horrible plan? The only solution is to do and say things that others might think are racist. If you are discriminated against and passed over for a job, let your boss know that he is a horrible racist. Do not be afraid to speak your mind, and know that science studies are showing you to be right. We as whites have lived under a rock for so long, but now we are waking up and we must make our voices heard. I wrote this article because I am awake and brave. Some racists will think this article is racist but that is because they are wrong and sexist against men and extremely racist especially if they are a black.

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